Why the Philadelphia 76ers Must Trade Andre Iguodala This Offseason

Tim NguyenCorrespondent IApril 24, 2012

The Philadelphia 76ers qualified for the playoffs this season after beating the Nets last night in the last game ever in New Jersey (the Nets are moving to Brooklyn next season).

But despite their hot start and playoff standing, the Sixers need to trade Andre Iguodala in the offseason.

The main reason is not because of his play but rather what the Sixers can get for him to improve the team.

This is a "sell high" situation for people familiar with business.

Iggy's stock is high right now because of what he's done with the Sixers during his tenure and the team needs to get the most value for him while they still can.

Iggy has been reliable, a do-it all player with good defensive skills. He is also an iron man of sorts, rarely missing games due to injury.

While it might be a good idea to keep him for the future, what the Sixers can get in return can really help make the team a top contender in the future.

His spot on the team is taking away from the development of another star in the making, Evan Turner.

Turner should be the future of the franchise, a No. 2 overall pick and he needs playing time to become the best player he could be.

He has shown in spots this season that he could be a franchise player with solid scoring instincts and rare passing ability. But because of the veteran, Turner has been mostly a bench player and hasn't been forced into situations where he has to be the main guy.

At times when hes looked his best, Turner's style resembles one of a young Penny Hardaway who can play the one to three. He has a good jump shot, moves around the basket and possesses good rebounding and passing skills. His biggest gift is his playmaking which he hasn't shown enough of but has done in spurts.

The Sixers could demand as high as a top-10 pick for Iguodala. They could also net two players for him or a big man (which is a real need for them). A player like that could make a huge difference on this team where their only big men are Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes. Package Iguodala in a deal with some draft picks and maybe Atlanta trades Josh Smith to Philly.

But at the end of the day, its about what will make the team better in the future. They have good young pieces in Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner and a young center in Spencer Hawes. They should trade Iguodala for another main piece that would help the team more than what Iggy is doing for them now. It would be the smartest move they made in a while.