WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Can Randy Orton vs. Kane Go Further After This Match?

Robert AitkenAnalyst IApril 28, 2012

Sunday, Extreme Rules will feature a WrestleMania rematch that has gotten a lot of exposure and has become rather personal. No, this isn't the CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho match that is being discussed. Randy Orton and Kane face one another yet again in what is apparently an attempt to strengthen this rivalry and make it seem like fans have ever cared about it.

To be perfectly honest, they haven't. Many fans are still trying to figure out where this feud is actually coming from.

Kane and Orton have had run-ins in the past. It was Orton who assisted Triple H in Kane's feud with The Game. The feud ended with Kane losing his mask.

Years later, Kane has returned with a mask back on his face. At least initially, it seemed like this was retribution for Orton, but if that was the case, where was the attack on Triple H?

Orton and Kane also had some fights last year, including a brutal street fight on an episode of SmackDown that seemingly ended their feud randomly. Now, we can only hope that a Falls Count Anywhere Match this Sunday would seemingly end this feud abruptly.

Kane returned late last year, feuded with John Cena for a while, but moved on due to Cena's WrestleMania match with The Rock. Orton, on the other hand, had a feud with Wade Barrett that was going well until Barrett was injured.

Both men needed someone to feud with and that seems to be why they were put together. Still, you have to wonder how much longer this forced storyline will continue.

Going into their WrestleMania match, Orton and Kane seemed to be fighting in that annual WrestleMania bout that comes out of nowhere and is difficult for any fan to fathom a reason for caring. Now, not only are we scrambling to hype up a match at Extreme Rules, but many wrestling fans are continuing to still try and make sense of the WrestleMania match that is already four weeks old.

Barrett cannot come back soon enough, especially because his stock was rising back toward a main-event spot. There is unfinished business with Orton, so it is expected that Barrett's return reignites that feud.

As for Kane, it's hard to find an actual spot that he belongs in. There is unsettled business with Zack Ryder still, but who knows when that could be happening, if at all.

Most importantly, this is likely the final run in Kane's career in WWE. Just like with Kane's matches with Cena at TLC and Elimination Chamber, as well as the WrestleMania match with Orton, every pay-per-view match for Kane from here on out comes with the stigma of potentially being his final in the company.

There isn't a whole lot of direction left to the character and Kane may never hold another championship, so all that remains are his feuds and pay-per-view matches. With seldom explanation in his feuds and pay-per-view matches that, while decent, won't excite fans enough to sell the show more, every match on pay-per-view could be the last one.

With the out-of-the-blue way that Kane came into the company, it would only be fitting that Kane fizzles out and fades away in a random way.

Could that way be after this match at Extreme Rules? Probably not. Although, it is difficult to figure out where and against whom Kane would decide to take his ball and go home.

Could it be at the hands of The Viper? With that being the likely case, it probably will not be this Sunday.

I think I just extended this storyline. Oh, man...