Philip Rivers: The Key to the San Diego Chargers' Success

Brennen SCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

With all the speculation about LaDainian Tomlinson, I've decided to write about something a little more inspirational instead of depressing.

Many San Diego fans have been undecided about whether they hate or love Philip Rivers. He has frustrated us many a time with his overthrown passes, and his clock management. For me, in 2008, my view of Philip Rivers took a 360 degree turn.

Without Rivers at quarterback, our season would have surely been lost. The Broncos would have taken the AFC West Title, we would have finished with a losing record, and we probably would not have anything to look forward to next season. So, with that said, I would like to outline what makes Philip Rivers the key to San Diego's success, both in 2009 and in the seasons to come.

The best quarterback quality that Rivers has is leadership. Many fans and players from opposing teams mistake his passion for arrogance, but if you really look into it, you will find that it is simply Rivers' way of leading the team.

Rivers rarely ever blames another teammate for a mistake, and he will let another player know if it was "his bad". If Rivers does something stupid, you can always catch him getting frustrated with himself, and if put into that same situation later in the game, he more than likely will correct the mistake.

In all the interviews I've seen, Rivers' teammates always have good things to say about Rivers. You can tell that they respect him, and when the players respect their quarterback, it goes a long way.

In my opinion, Philip Rivers is a very underrated quarterback. He did not get a Pro Bowl invitation despite having the best quarterback rating in the NFL (105.5). I think a lot of this stemmed from the false perception that people have of Rivers, but it can also be attributed to the fact that they pick the Pro Bowlers way too early.

Philip Rivers has also showed great improvement. From 2007 to 2008, Rivers' completion percentage went from 60 percent to 65 percent, and he also went from throwing 3,152 yards to 4,009 yards. Many other statistics have improved in a years time, and it is evident that Rivers will only get better.

Most Charger fans now agree that San Diego is Rivers' team now, not LT's. Some people find that hard to accept, but it is inevitable.

Rivers possesses intangible qualities that LT doesn't. Rivers is a guy that a team can rally around, and that is just what happened this year when the Chargers won five in a row and earned a spot in the playoffs.

The futures of both San Diego and Rivers are bright, but at the same time, are directly intertwined. When Rivers does well, the team does well, so look out for Philip Rivers in 2009 because for those of you that still aren't sold, 2009 is the year you are going to believe.