Musings from the Bald Prophet: Tossed and Turned and the Eighth BP Top 25

Marc DaleyAnalyst IJanuary 26, 2009

1) Georgetown had a solid backcourt and one of the top freshmen in the country at center.  So how have they lost three straight, including a stunner to doormat Seton Hall? 

No, Andre McCloud didn't re-enter the building but the Hoyas went 15 percent from three-point range. 

This is not a team that needs to rely on outside shooting—historically, the Hoyas have ruled in the paint.  Time for Thompson's bunch to embrace that philosophy again.


2) Most teams would have understandably folded if they had a teammate get rushed to the hospital at halftime. 

Kentucky is not most teams. 

They overcame Ramon Harris' scary situation and 23 turnovers to beat a scrappy Alabama squad on the road and go 5-0 in the SEC.  Look out for the 'Cats in March if they can cut down the gifts.


3) The most amazing turnaround of the season could be Washington.  The Huskies didn't come close to getting a dance invitation last year.  This time they're sitting atop the Pac-10 and beat UCLA. 

Brockman and Dentmon are playing to their prep props and Isaiah Thomas played like his namesake against the Bruins.  I don't think they'll get a number-one seed like they did in 2005, but they should be a Power 16 team.


4) Utah State and St. Mary's have a combined two losses.  Both of these schools have good inside-outside combinations.  They should be in the second round of the Dance—as long as Utah State doesn't lose early in their conference tournament due to a suspect profile.

5) One team that bears watching is Northeastern.  Not since Reggie Lewis and Andre LaFleur have the Huskies been this high.  Their overall profile isn't great but they have an 8-1 record in the conference and a 60 RPI.


And now, the shaken-up Top 25:

1 - UConn

2 - Duke

3 - UNC

4 - Pitt

5 - Louisville

6 - Wake Forest

7 - Oklahoma

8 - Marquette

9 - Xavier

10 - Michigan State

11 - Memphis

12 - Texas

13 - Butler

14 - UCLA

15 - Syracuse

16 - Clemson

17 - Arizona State

18 - Illinois

19 - Purdue

20 - Villanova

21 - Kentucky

22 - St. Mary's

23 - Georgetown

24 - Washington

25 - Utah State