MLB Guilty of Collusion?

Mets PoliceSenior Analyst IJanuary 26, 2009

So nobody wants Manny Ramirez?

He's that bad of a guy that absolutely nobody wants him?  OK, maybe the Dodgers and their book writing manager do, but nobody else wants him?

Nobody wants Andy Pettitte?  Sure he's not 26 and his arm might fall off—but nobody wants him on their team?

Bobby Abreu?

Ken Girffey Jr. isn't good enough to be the fourth outfielder on your team?

Was Pudge Rodriguez that awful that he can't catch on Sundays?

This is starting to remind me of 1987. In 1986 Dave Kingman hit 35 home runs in the pre-steroida days when 35 was an awful lot of homers.  Heck, 40 led the majors and Kon's 35 were the third highest total.  Folks like Kirk Gibson (who had lots left), Tom Seaver (not so much), and Carlton Fisk all had odd situations.  Baseball even decided to play with 24 man rosters.

So here we are in January 2009. I don't know what team you root for, but (money aside) can you tell me your team wouldn't be improved by Manny in left, or Andy as the fifth starter?  Bobby Abreu's .296; 20; and 100 isn't good enough to make your team?   I'm a Mets fan, all three would make my team better.  All three have proved they can handle the big city.

To be fair, some of these folks turned down arbitration, and some turned down actual deals, but you begin to wonder if maybe something else is going on.

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