Duke Blue Devils Top ACC Rankings For January 26

The ACC and SEC BlogSenior Analyst IJanuary 26, 2009

Another exciting week of ACC basketball action is complete.

We saw undefeated and No. 1 Wake Forest lose at home to Virginia Tech, a dominating performance by Duke over Maryland, and Clemson is still winless in Chapel Hill, 0-54.

Most Impressive Team This Week

Virginia Tech

Least Impressive Team This Week

Georgia Tech

Coach on the Hot Seat

Paul Hewitt, Georgia Tech—he won’t get fired because of the recruiting class for next year

NCAA Tournament Teams


Some are saying this may be one of Duke’s best teams ever. I am not buying it but I do think this is one of the best coaching jobs Coach K has done.

Wake Forest

Ya know, Virginia Tech didn’t look too bad against Miami either. Regroup for Duke.

North Carolina

I think the Heels are nearly 100 percent back on track setting up for a three way showdown in the ACC.

Virginia Tech

Seth Greenberg, how do you do it? Greenberg gets more out of his players than anyone in the ACC.


Went against the big boys and lost, but has handled everyone else nicely.


Florida State

Boston College

NC State


How Maryland has fallen. I remember when Maryland-Duke were barn burners. The Terps were throwing water on a grease fire at Duke Saturday.



Georgia Tech

0-16 is not out of the realm of possibilities considering the Jackets have played some of the lesser ACC opponents already and still don’t have a conference win. The play of Georgia Tech is so bad right now, I couldn’t even put them at #12.

Top 10 for ACC & SEC

1. Duke
2. Wake Forest
3. North Carolina
4. Kentucky
5. Florida
6. Virginia Tech
7. Clemson
8. LSU
9. Miami
10. Florida State

Season: 9-7 SU through 1/25