A Royal Review: Wrestlemania Takes Shape

Mike AdamouContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

The Royal Rumble is over, and after the success of my last article (which was my first), I want to take a look back over the Rumble and take a look forward at the Wrestlemania card that's taking shape.

Here goes with my quick Rumble review, with Wrestlemania outlooks included:

Jack Swagger vs Matt Hardy

Perhaps the most predictable match on the card, Swagger had just won the belt and they oviously took it off Hardy so he could be involved in the Jeff Hardy storyline, so this was easy to predict. Swagger retained the title; who knows who's next for him, but who cares?

Beth Phoenix vs Melina

I was expecting Phoenix to retain the title here; in my opinion this match was better then the ECW title match. But it was Melina who walked out with the gold.

I know she has just returned to action, so this sells her "big comeback", but perhaps theres more too it. Maybe Melina has this years Playboy deal on the table? Either that or she will drop the belt to whoever may be facing Trish Stratus at Wrestlemania...which of course is a big rumour.

John Cena vs JBL (with HBK)

This was a tough one to call, I couldn't predict a winner. The classic WWE swerve of HBK superkicking JBL and leading everyone to beleive he had turned back was seen coming a mile off. Not sure how Cena didn't see that one coming.

I get the feeling that there are more twists to come. HBK did what he had to do—he put JBL onto Cena—but Cena kicked, so can JBL blame HBK for this? Did he do all he could to give JBL victory?

After HBK bumped into Taker before the match, it has to mean HBK vs Taker at 'Mania. Well at least I hope—JBL really isn't good to watch, even if it is against HBK, let's hope this is over by No Way Out and somehow they work Undertaker into things properly.

Edge vs Jeff Hardy

This one went down exactly as I saw it. When Matt Hardy came out it was clear as day he was gonna screw Jeff, and I'm excited by the possiblity of a Jeff vs Matt match at Wrestlemania—TLC Match anyone?

It looks like Edge vs HHH at Wrestlemania, hardly a headliner but not too bad.

The Royal Rumble

WWE always makes it obvious who's going to win the Rumble, and they did it again—how could they explain not firing Orton if he didnt win the rumble? To be honest he was far ahead of the favorites pack even before he punted Vince, that just cemented it.

So this is the latest rumoured/most likely card for Mania now after the Rumble revealed a few things:

Cena vs Orton

Edge vs HHH

HBK vs JBL or The Undertaker

Matt Hardy vs Jeff Hardy

Melina vs Trish Stratus

Of course there are going to be alot of twists and turns on the way; Orton could have his rumble win revoked due to the McMahon storyline.

There have also been reports that Mickey Rouke has signed to appear at Mania, possibly in a match with Chris Jericho.

Stone Cold should be worked into the card somewhere, whether it's in a match or as a referee.

Big Show and Taker fought through the crowd during the rumble after Show "screwed" Taker by pulling him off the apron. Hopefully they won't be in a match at Mania. We have seen it a million times.

I heard RVD's surprise return was a one-off, but if it wasn't I would like to see him in Money In The Bank.

Then we have the thing of the two Elimination Chamber matches at No Way Out, both for the two main titles, why would WWE throw these in there? There are surely going to be a title change in one of those..

It's going to be an interesting and exciting few weeks as the Road To Wrestlemania XXV has truely begun.

thanks for reading,