Bleacher Creature Top 25 CBB Poll: Week Nine, How Long Can Duke Stay No. 1?

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Bleacher Creature Top 25 CBB Poll: Week Nine, How Long Can Duke Stay No. 1?

Mike Krzyzewski's Blue Devils have ascended to the top of the rankings as Duke is the third different squad to secure the number one ranking in just three weeks. The Blue Devils did it with impressive wins over North Carolina State and Maryland while the formerly top ranked team Wake Forest dropped a home game against ACC foe Virginia Tech.

The Blue Devils were not a unanimous No. 1 as UConn received one first place vote, but did take in 11 of the 12 first place votes.

The ACC no longer has a strangle hold on the top spots, but still three teams in the top five with the other two being from the Big East. Across the board, the Big East is still the most represented conference with four teams in the top eight, five in the top 12, and seven in the top 25.

The ACC had the next most teams in the top 25 with four teams, though none ranked worse than 13th.

The SEC is finally represented again in the top 25. Kentucky and its undefeated start to conference play received the 23rd most votes. Florida is knocking on the door though since the Gators ranked 27th overall.

For a complete look back of last week's results and this week's upcoming games, Gary Parish's Top 25 (and one) provides a look back and look ahead.

If you would like to participate in the B/R Top 25 poll, email me at In your e-mail, rank your top 25 teams, but also provide the link to your B/R profile. Voting will open for next week's poll on Friday, Jan. 30 and will close Monday, Feb. 2 at 11 AM EST.

The rankings reflect the outcome of games up to Sunday, Jan. 25.

Rank, Team, Record (First Place Votes), Total Votes, (Rank Last Week) High and Low

1. Duke 18-1 (11), 274 (2), High: First, Low: Second

2. UConn 18-1 (1), 252 (3), High: First, Low: Sixth

3. Pittsburgh 18-1, 245 (5), High: Second, Low: Seventh

4. North Carolina 17-2, 242 (4), High: Second, Low: Eighth

5. Wake Forest 16-1, 234 (1), High: Third, Low: Eighth

6. Oklahoma 19-1, 229 (6), High: Third, Low: Seventh

7. Louisville 15-3, 208 (12) High: Fourth, Low: 11th

8. Marquette 17-2, 194 (9) High: Seventh, Low: 11th

9. Michigan State 16-3, 178 (7) High: Sixth, Low: 18th

10. Xavier 17-2, 154 (15) High: Ninth, Low: 17th

11. Texas 14-4, 152 (10) High: Eighth, Low: 22nd

12. Syracuse 17-4, 148 (8) High: Seventh, Low: 15th

13. Clemson 17-2, 145 (13) High: 10th, Low: Not Ranked

14. Butler 18-1, 119 (17) High: 11th, Low: 17th

15. Arizona State 16-3, 112 (16) High: Ninth, Low: Not Ranked

16. Purdue 15-4, 90 (19) High: 11th, Low: Not Ranked

17. Gonzaga 14-4, 81 (23) High: 15th, Low: 24th

18. St. Mary's 18-1, 73 (22) High: 15th, Low: 25th

18. Illinois 17-3, 73 (28) High: 12th, Low: Not Ranked

20. UCLA 15-4, 71 (14) High: 13th, Low: Not Ranked

21. Memphis 16-3, 55 (Not Ranked) High: 18th, Low: Not Ranked

22. Villanova 15-4, 49 (21) High: 13th, Low: Not Ranked

23. Kentucky 16-4, 37 (26) High: 19th, Low: Not Ranked

24. Georgetown 12-6, 36 (11) High: 16th, Low: Not Ranked

25. Minnesota 17-3, 24 (20) High: 13th, Low: Not Ranked

Others Receiving Votes

Washington 18, Florida 18, Utah State 16, Baylor 16, Notre Dame 14, Dayton 10, Virginia Tech 9, Kansas 7, Missouri 4

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