People, We Should Applaud The WWE After Last Nights Royal Rumble!

Joe DohertyContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

Guys, I write to you after an action packed night for the WWE a the Royal Rumble.  There were many suprises for us: Matt Hardy's heel change (which I had earlier reported before the rumble), Melina's the new Women's Champion, Shawn Michaels laying both Cena and JBL out with the Sweet Chin Music, and of course Santino Marella, who now has the record for shortest time in a Royal Rumble, one second—not that i am not too suprised it happened to him lol.

Now when I think about all the TNA fans who think that they are on a par with the WWE, I can easily say, they are quite a few years away from that.  Last night's Rumble was the first WWE PPV I have watched in full in about 6 years.  It gave us everything, excitement, confusion, comedy and of course entertainment. 

The one thing it didn't give us was Christian Cage.

While watching the number 30 entrant about to come to the ring, I thought it has to be Captain Charisma, but when I heard Big Shows music, I was disgusted because I'm one of Cage's biggest fans. 

But the longer I thought about it, I now think the WWE have went the right way.  Not only will it give us something to look forward to for No Way Out or Friday Night SmackDown, but we will get to see Christian come back as a face and give him the pop he deserves.

My prediction that Triple H would win the Rumble was close, but after seeing what happened to Vince McMahon on Raw this past week, we could see Orton winning it a mile off, not that the guys who sing Orton's theme song, Rev Theory, basically gave it away on their band page. 

It opens up a new storyline for Orton and Vinnie Mac, how Legacy will go from now on, what will happen between Shawn Michaels and JBL, what will Jeff Hardy say to Matt, what is it that Triple H will do to get into the Main Event at Wrestlemania 25, and will RVD be making a full-time return to the WWE?

My question for you guys, What did you think of last night's Royal Rumble? What will the future hold for Christian Cage, and what will happen to Randy Orton on Monday Night Raw?

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