Arsenal Transfers: 7 Reasons Christian Eriksen Would Be a Great Fit for Gunners

Mikhail Turner@MikhailTurnerContributor IIIApril 24, 2012

Arsenal Transfers: 7 Reasons Christian Eriksen Would Be a Great Fit for Gunners

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    Christian Eriksen would be a pretty solid addition to Arsenal's squad next season.

    While the likes of Eden Hazard may be snapped up by a more cash-rich English club, the Gunners may have a chance to snatch the Danish player.

    The Gunners still lack a creative influence to play right behind Robin van Persie with Aaron Ramsey going in and out of form and not much production coming from Gervinho or Theo Walcott.

    Eriksen fits into the Arsenal setup for a number of reasons and could be the player to start a new era of success for the club.

    Here are a couple reasons why Eriksen would be a great fit for the Gunners.

He Is a Winner

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    Arsenal needs winners and they would get one in Christian Eriksen. He may only have two trophies to his name during his time with Ajax but that's two more than the majority of the Arsenal squad.

    He wasn't just a bit part player either as he had more 40 appearances in his side's Eredivisie title-winning campaign last season and played a good amount in their cup win the year before.

    Ajax is also on the way to another Eredivisie title this season and, of course, Eriksen has played a major part in that.

He Fits the Profile of an Arsene Wenger Buy

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    That is, he is young and skilled. Christian Eriksen may cost more than Alex-Oxlade Chamberlain but at 20 years of age and with his experience and talent, he may well be worth it.

    We'll get to Eriksen's experience later on but any fan who has watched Ajax in the past few seasons knows how well this player would fit into the Gunner's squad as a person and as a player.

He Plays 4-3-3 and Was Brought Up in Total Football

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    Ajax plays the 4-3-3 without fail and while Arsenal's formation will not be an exact replica of what he is used to, Eriksen will have no trouble adapting.

    He has played the passing style of football that fans have become so used to from Arsenal and that would also make it an easy transition for him.

Statistics and Consistency

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    Last season Eriksen had eight goals and 15 assists to his name. So far this season he has replicated his eight-goal haul and added five more assists to make it 20.

    There is no reason why he cannot continue to produce those type of statistics for Arsenal. He will be surrounded by better players who will make his job easier in both the finishing and assisting departments.

    Another product of his new teammates would be a decreased burden in the playmaking department.

Midfield Goal Threat

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    Eriksen's eight goals prove that he can score from midfield and Arsenal certainly needs another goal threat. Mikel Arteta leads the midfielders with six goals, though he is tied with Thomas Vermaelen in that aspect.

    Eriksen could provide the Gunners with another threat from midfield and you would hope that with players like Arteta, Alex Song, Jack Wilshere and so on around him that he could improve on his eight-goal tally.


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    Christian Eriksen can play on the wings, right behind the forward and even further back in a more traditional midfield role if necessary.

    He is best in the two more central positions but his talent is such that he would help Arsenal in whatever position he plays. He could be seen as the second coming of Samir Nasri but, hopefully, more consistent and loyal.

    Eriksen could nab a staring spot in any of the positions mentioned above but it is likely that he either be behind Robin van Persie or on the wings.


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    This is another area where Arsenal needs help and one would have thought they had gotten some much-needed experience with the last-minute acquisitions in the summer.

    The club could always use some more help in that department, though. Along with his championship-winning experiences, Eriksen has played in various stages of both the Champions League and the Europa League.

    He is already nearing 100 Eredivisie appearances and played in the World Cup for Denmark as well. He has played for Denmark 21 times. That is one less than Theo Walcott's mark of 22.