UFC 82: Andseron Silva Still Undefeated

Racan AlhochCorrespondent IMarch 1, 2008

One of the most anticipated fights of the year; Dan Henderson vs. Anderson Silva. Dan Henderson is a Pride FC champion and Anderson Silva a UFC Champion, many asked the question; who would come out on top? Well on March 1, 2008 that questioned was answered by Anderson Silva.

Silva is most known for his muay thai ability and his devastating clinch but tonight he reminded the world about his BJJ black belt. In the beginning of the first round Henderson and Silva exchanged and few punches and kicks but the action didn't really being until Henderson took Silva down with a bodylock. A few hammer punches by Henderson did'nt seem to do much damage so they stayed on the ground and Silva rode out the last few minutes of Round 1.

In round two Silva connected with a few hard kicks and knees, when the fight was taken to the ground Silva unleashed a bombardment of punches until Henderson, in desperation, made a move that set him up for a rear naked choke. Silva won the match  by submission in 4:52 of Round 2.

When the two fighters first came out it seemed Henderson had most of the crowed on his side. Silva received mixed reactions but many fans gave him a standing ovation.

Dan Henderson is a two-time high school state champ and Olympic wrestler from California. He began training in mixed martial arts in 1997. He tore through most of his  competition Pride FC before fighting in the UFC. Anderson Silva, a muay thai fighter from Brazil also blazed through a trail of previous competitors before making his transition into the UFC. He first proved himself as a worthy competitor by knocking out Chris Leben on Ultimate Fight Night 5 on June 28, 2006. Anderson also beat the former middle weight champion Rich "Ace" Franklin twice further proving just how dangerous and unstoppable he is. After winning the match against Dan Henderson, Silva said that he respected Dan Henderson and his abilities but the real champion that Silva has ever faced is Rich Franklin. Silva has yet to be defeated in the UFC.

Other Events:

Mark Coleman the so called "Godfather of ground and pound" became the fifth inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame.


Herring defeated Chieck Kongo Via Split Decision

Round 1 (29-28 Herring) Round 2 (29-28 Kongo) Round 3 (29-28) Herring


Chris Leben defeated Alessio Sakara Via TKO (3:16 of Round 1)


Yoshin Okami defeated Evan Tanner Via Knockout (knee) (3:00 of Round 2)


Jon Fitch defeated Chris Wilson via Unanimous decision


Andrei Arlovski defeated Jake O'Brien via TKO (4:17 of Round 2)

Comments: It was a cheap trick how the UFC tried to keep Andrei Arlovski out of the public eye during the last fight of his UFC contract. He was put on a undercard fight that was not televised.


Luigi Fiorvante defeated Luke Cummo via Unanimous Decision


Josh Koscheck defeated Dustin Hazlett via TKO (1:24 of Round 2)


Diego Sanchez defeated Jason Bielkheden via Punches from the mount

(4:43 or Round 1)


Jorge Gurgel defeated John Halverson via Unanimous Decision