A Possible Reason Why We Did Not See Christian at the Rumble

jason wickContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

I, like most of you wwe fans, was totally stoked to see captain charisma (or the instant classic to his more recent fans) christian cage show up at the royal rumble and cost Jeff hardy his wwe title and giving more credence to Edges "ultimate opportunist" gimmick.

BUT ALAS IT WAS NOT TO BE!!!! I'm sure eveyone knows bye now that his brother Matt costed him the title (bad move by Vince McMahon and Micheal Hayes, but that's for another article) I was swerved like everyone else (except a few of the article writers who are smarter than I am.

BUT I HAVE AN EVEN BETTER IDEA FOR HIS RETURN NOW!!!! Just imagine on Smackdown on Friday when Edge comes out to taunt all the fans and remind them he had nothing to do with Jeff Hardy's "accidents" and thank Matt Hardy for helping him out. Matt comes out and says he wasn't helping Edge.

He hates Edge now more than even when Edge stole Lita from him, but he also says it wasn't him who did all those things to his brother, but he knows who it was...And that person told Matt what it was like to see your LITTLE brother accomplish more things than you, it's ok to be jealous of his success.

As a matter of fact, Edge, I know someone whos envious of your success as well...All of a sudden CHRISTIAN CAGES entrance music hits and edges face drops!!!! Then Christian cuts a promo on why he did what he did to Jeff Hardy and why it was important for matt to betray his brother.

Then Christian tells Edge what hes gonna do to him next.

So Christian can come in and feud with Edge, not Jeff Hardy (being that we all know it's gonna be Hardy vs Hardy at 'mania, probably in an extreme rules match) and ALL OF US PEEPS CAN HAVE THE THREE CS BACK: CHARISMA!!! CANADA!!!! AND LAST BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST CHRISTIAN!!!!


This is my first article, guys. I really wanna know what you think, so leave me some feedback good bad I don't care.