UFC 145 Results: 5 Reasons Jon Jones Is the Best Fighter in MMA

Hunter Homistek@HunterAHomistekCorrespondent IApril 23, 2012

UFC 145 Results: 5 Reasons Jon Jones Is the Best Fighter in MMA

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    I think I've said this 30 times today, but allow me to say it again: Jon Jones is the best fighter in the world right now.  

    He may even be the best fighter of all time, but it is too early in his career to tell.

    In his 11 UFC bouts, Jones has displayed a dominance not seen from other legends before him.  

    Even historic fighters such as Anderson Silva, Georges St-Pierre and Jose Aldo have shown weaknesses in the past, but Jones has absolutely manhandled his every opponent.   

    I'm here to tell you that he is the best fighter in the world, and here's why.  

Top-Notch Coaching

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    Greg Jackson is one of the best, if not the best coach in mixed martial arts. 

    I've voiced my displeasure in his "win first, entertain second" strategy, but it is impossible to deny the dude's track record.  

    He can take raw fighters and turn them into polished machines of destruction, and that is exactly what he has done with Jon Jones.  

    Jones has utilized perfect game-planning and strategy in his Octagon appearances. At 24 years of age, he has plenty of time to continue this rapid improvement.  

    Because of this, I assert that the coaching of Greg Jackson is the first reason Jon Jones is the best fighter in the world.  


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    Certain fighters have competitive edges that are just unfair and cannot be explained or duplicated.  

    Brock Lesnar had his size, speed and strength.

    BJ Penn had ridiculous flexibility.

    Born into a family of superstar athletes, Jon Jones has the genetic makeup of a champion, and there is nothing his opponents can do about that. 

    From his UFC-best 84.5-inch reach to his scary quickness and agility, Jones has the physical tools that nobody else can match in the sport.  

    This length allows him to pull off chokes from crazy angles that other fighters literally cannot do, and that's just unfair.  

    Some people are just lucky like that, eh "Bones?"  


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    Here's a fun fact that you may not know about Jon Jones:

    He holds the UFC record for most times making an opponent look like a 12-year-old girl in his fight against Stephan Bonnar (second place is Rory MacDonald against Nate Diaz, for those wondering).  

    Seriously, though, how good is Jones' wrestling?  

    I don't care about pedigrees, national championships or what college you wrestled at. 

    Jones has shown that he is the best wrestler in the light heavyweight division, and I don't even think it's close.  

    Georges St. Pierre is the only fighter that might be a better MMA wrestler than Jones, and that could be a fun debate in and of itself.  

    It's no secret that strong wrestlers have great success in the UFC, and Jones is arguably the best wrestler in the game.  

    Since this is a slideshow about the best fighter in the world, I'm sure you're thinking, "No, no Anderson Silva is, dumbass!" 

    Well I'm here to say this: If Chael Sonnen can hold down Silva for four-and-a-half rounds, just think what Jones could do with a weight, speed and tenacity advantage.  

    Yeah, that's what I thought.  


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    Jon Jones is a mastermind of thinking on his feet inside the Octagon.  

    Never have I seen a fighter throw such unorthodox strikes with such regular success as "Bones," and that is a testament to his creativity and confidence.  

    Just a few years ago, he was a raw, awkward striker, but now he is unquestionably one of the most technical strikers in the light heavyweight division.  

    The one fighter who outstruck him in his career was Lyoto Machida, and that was just for one round.  

    Jones' striking is incredibly diverse, and as he starts refining his technique and adding muscle to his frame, we will start seeing dazzling knockout finishes from "Bones." 

    It's not there yet, but we almost saw it against Rashad, and I think his next fight will showcase this improving power even more.  

    If that happens, there is not even a debate for the best fighter in the world.  


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    Since stepping foot into the Octagon for the first time in August 2008, Jon Jones has showed the mental composure needed to become champion. 

    Now that he has not only won that championship but defended it three times, Jones has proven his mental stability and dedication to the sport.  

    He is ever-improving, and he rarely gets rattled inside or outside the cage.  

    Rashad Evans lobbed the most explosive bombs he could at Jones in the months leading up to UFC 145, but Jones remained composed and by fight day, Evans looked to be the one worn out from all the talking. 

    Jones is a focused athlete with an unyielding desire to be the best. 

    Add into this his freakish build, world-class coaches, unstoppable wrestling and breathtaking striking, and it is hard to deny Jones' spot as the world's best fighter. 

    I just don't see who can beat him, do you?