To the Rumors Go the Spoils

greg yorkeContributor IJanuary 26, 2009

Sunday January the 25th: A disappointing night for WWE fans? Possibly. It's hard to live up to the old school that we all got for free six nights ago. The five matches leading up to the Rumble match were pretty much standard. 

ECW championship, who cares really. Matt Hardy doesn't take it back. 

Woman's championship, Lame.

John Cena holds onto the RAW belt. Pretty predictable match.

Smackdown was the best non Rumble match of the night. Vicky comes out at the beginning of the match and announces it will be a no D/Q match. 

Jeff hardy and Edge had a pretty straight match while Chavo stayed ringside being the weak heel that he is.

When Jeff was about to put the match away Vickie came out to cause a distraction.  Then Matt comes out to help Jeff and just when it looked like Jeff had the match won Matt nails him with a chair.

This is where WWE is known for throwing hardcore fans in a loop. For the last month and a half the rumors have been that Christian was coming back as Jeff's attacker. Whether WWE writers changed it to Matt to throw us, who knows.

Either way Edge takes the championship thanks to Matt Hardy.

Now onto the main event. The start of the match was pretty standard as all mid level guys stayed for awhile then got tossed.

The main focus of the entire match is where Legacy is taking the match and from the get go there was always at least two working together at any given time. The final four had come down to Legacy and Triple H. Hunter managed to eliminate Cody and Ted, but Randy had prevailed and stole the victory.

So what does this mean for fans of WWE? Has the Age of Orton started again?

It's obvious that Randy is going to be the headline for quite awhile and as a fan I couldn't be more excited.

Randy Orton is clearly the future of the industry and I for one could not be any happier with the turn they are giving him.

But what is the future of Randy's road to Wrestlemania? Will the kick to Vince turn the win against him? I predict that the upcoming PPV's will have Randy fighting for that spot in Wrestlemania.

Either way if the writers keep it up, WWE will be back in the spotlight of entertainment.

Greg Yorke.