Royal Rumble : Matt Hardy Lays It Down!

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 26, 2009

The twist of fate that almost no one saw coming.

Tonight at the Royal Rumble, Edge and Jeff hardy were scheduled to face off in a title bout for the WWE Championship. The moment the music for the two superstars came to a close, there was a last minute twist.

Vicki Guerro announced she had decided to make the match a no- disqualification match. The two squared off in a great way. Both Edge and Jeff were putting on a wonderful match. These two were flying, and there were a ton near-pin falls and risks.

Chavo Guerro decided to jump in and handicap Jeff, but Jeff made short work of him, as he jumped off of a 15-foot ladder then plummeted through the announcer table and Chavo Guerro.

The match seemed to be in control until Vicki approached the ring. She arrived with a chair and plans of hurting Jeff's chances. To "even the odds," Matt Hardy slid into the ring (after losing his rematch ECW Championship bout with Swagger) and grabbed a chair as he sent Vicki to the other side of the ring.

Edge seemed to have a "CONCHAIRTO" in mind. He was about to complete this until Matt arrived. As Edge lay prone on the ground, the brothers were deciding who was to hit Edge with the chair shot.

Matt swung for the fences—at his brother. The crowd was surprised, all were shocked, including Edge.

My prediction: Edge and Matt form an alliance. Matt is sick of living in Jeff's shadow. He has become embittered.

Jeff Hardy will seem alone, until Christian makes his return. The pair will team to engage in a long feud with Matt Hardy and Edge (at least that is what I hope).

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  -Blue Chip