Reggie Evans with the Worst Flop Of…the Season?

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Reggie Evans with the Worst Flop Of…the Season?
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Reggie Evans is a bull in a china shop on a basketball court.

He's large, burly and strong. He cleans up on the glass and gets the majority of his points on putbacks. He's that guy—the one that every team wants to have on their roster and loathes when they have to face him.

Probably because of plays like this one.

Last night, Evans decided to flop all over the world. When Hornets guard Greivis Vasquez was bumped by Evans, he turned and pushed off against Evans with his elbow. While there was contact, it was minimal. That didn't stop Evans from reacting—about three seconds too late—by bouncing back and falling down as though he'd collided with a brick wall.

It was funny. Infuriating if you're a Hornets fan, though.

Even worse, the officials rewarded his foolish play, calling a flagrant foul 2 on Vasquez. After looking at the replay, the officials cleared things up and downgraded the foul to a regular personal foul. 

While it's great that they were able to look at the play and get the call right in the end, how do you even begin to call a flagrant foul 2 on that play?

Just last week, Jeff Van Gundy went on an extended rant about flopping and how to punish the players who continue to make a mockery out of it. I'm with him. I'm sick of it. It cheapens the game, angers players and can alter the outcome if a guy is stuck on the bench after getting saddled with a foul he doesn't deserve.

I'm not sure what the solution is, but the league is going to have to come up with one. 

This is probably another reason why people are getting so annoyed with the Clippers. Everyone in a Clippers uniform is upset with the hard fouls that Blake Griffin is receiving, but the team seems to be dishing up flops left, right and center. As long as the flopping continues, so will the hard fouls and angry opponents. 

We need to start a movement. It's time. Stop the flops. 

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