Metta World Peace Elbows and LeBron James Goes MVP: BR5 4/23

BR5Daily ShowApril 23, 2012

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Today’s episode of BR5 gets you up to date with everything from Metta World Peace's fight to Michael Bourn's bathroom break.

What was an otherwise entertaining double-overtime win for the LA Lakers over the Oklahoma City Thunder will probably become known as the World Peace Elbow game. World Peace, formerly known as Ron Artest, made a great momentum-changing dunk right before halftime, but then got a little carried away. World Peace was given a Flagrant 2 foul and was ejected from the game.

LeBron James is wrapping up what might be one of the best statistical seasons ever while averaging more than 27 points, over six assists and pretty close to eight rebounds a game. That had the crowd cheering MVP for 'Bron at his last game, but will it finally mean he can hold up a different kind of trophy at the end of the playoffs? 

Braves center fielder Micheal Bourn made an emergency exit in the bottom of the fourth against the Diamondbacks, prompting everyone to wonder where he'd wandered off to. It wasn't until cameras caught  the outfielder running out of the tunnel buttoning up his pants that they realized he'd visited the men's room.

Several sources are reporting that fans of the Genoa soccer team were so upset that their team was down 4-0, they decided to block the entrance to the team’s dressing room and, according to, make the players “hand their jerseys over on the grounds that they were not ‘worthy’ of the colours.”

There was a 40 minute delay in play as some of the players weren’t exactly keen on the idea of playing without their uniforms. After it was all settled, Genoa didn’t give up any more goals and even scored. 

The Celtics' Avery Bradley had two of the best steals of the weekend, and they both happened while he was tying his shoes. The Celts guard could be seen tying his shoe as the Atlanta Hawks were bringing the ball up court, when Bradley suddenly sprung from the lingering shoe problem, making the steal, leading to a basket by Ryan Hollins. Still unable to get the shoe tied, Bradley pulled the same maneuver minutes later, getting another steal. 


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