Royal Rumble Update

The One You FearCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

Here are some updates of what happened in the 2009 Royle Rumble so far.

Melina vs Beth Phoenix: Melina won the match to become the new Women's Champion. It was a very hard-fought match, but with Melina's flexibility, she won the match.

I still see the rivalry going on between both of these divas.


Jack Swagger vs Matt Hardy: Swagger has retained his ECW tittle and is still the champion. It was a physical and brutal match, but Swagger was the better man in that match.

I don't really see this rivalry going on because Matt and Jeff could have a new storyline (I will tell you later about that Jeff-and-Matt storyline).


John Cena vs JBL: Cena retained his tittle also and he is still the World Heavyweight Champion. As I was watching, I was surprised that Shawn super-kicked his boss (JBL) before he dragged JBL over to Cena to get a pin.

But Cena kicked out and got his momentum back to win the match. It was a very interesting match.

I see a rivalry going on between HBK, JBL, and Cena.


Jeff Hardy vs Edge: This was the most exciting match that people were looking forward to. The match ended very, and I mean very, unpredictably, with Edge winning the match and the title.

What was unexpected was that Matt was behind all of this. He was involved in a hit-and-run accident and he was involved in that hotel assault and in that firework accident.

I think what happened was that Matt didn't want Jeff to be better than him, so he tried to make Jeff miserable by making his brother lose his title at Royal Rumble.

The match ended with Matt hitting Jeff with the steel chair on the skull, causing Jeff to lose his tittle. He was betrayed by his own brother!!!!!!!!!!!!

And people who were thinking it was Cristian behind this, well, I'm sorry, but you were wrong.