Kansas City Royals Mark Teahan To Man Second Base This Season: Yeah Right

dave darbySenior Analyst IJanuary 25, 2009

Give me a baseball story in the paper and I’ll read it. Same for radio sports talk. Doesn’t really matter what the story is, when there is snow on the ground, any baseball talk is good talk.


The wintertime scenarios do tend to stretch the realm of reality sometimes, though, and now is such a time.


Word is out that Mark Teahen is auditioning to be the starting second baseman for the Royals on opening day. Recently, during a brief gathering at manager Trey Hillman’s place in Texas, it is said that Teahen spent some time working at second base on the infield installed at the Hillman estate.


I guess the theory is that the Royals desperately need Mark’s offense (.255 average, 15 home runs and 59 RBI) in the line up everyday.  I like Teahen, so I’m not going to go in depth here on my thoughts about his production. 


With the arrival of Coco Crisp, Dejesus moves over to left with Guillen in right. Teahen’s old third base spot (Teahen is playing third for Canada in the Spring Classic) is taken by Alex Gordan. I don’t have time to name off the log jam at first base where Teahan has made a few appearances.


So. the Royals would move Mark past Alberto Callaspo (hittin- acquired Willie Bloomquist (.279 in half a season) for the second base job?


Let’s get real here. First off, at 6’3” and with no professional experience at second base, this experiment would be a nightmare. I’m sure Frank White was both laughing and crying at the thought. 


Secondly, the Royals are just doing what they can to keep a backup players' worth inflated for possible trades before opening day.


Teahan is listed as the primary back-up at three positions (left, right and third) so he does have value. There will be injuries in spring training and he will be a logical option for several clubs—just not at second base.


So did you hear about the Royals moving Zach Greinke to catcher? Pass it on.