Josh Barnett is Next in Line, Babalu Constricts Sokoujdou

Gary WhittakerCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

By: Jordan Small - MMA HANGOVER



The Josh Barnett vs. Gilbert Yvel was MMA HANGOVER's Fight of the Night at Affliction. It was entertaining from start to finish and Gilbert Yvel's stock went up even in defeat.

Josh won this bout by ground and pounding Yvel which made him tap out due to strikes during the third round, afterwards Barnett showed off his signature "cut throat" motion to the audience as both Josh and everyone watching now knows he will be the next man to fight Fedor Emelainenko.

Many questions were asked about why Yvel was fighting Barnett or statements were made such as, This is an easy win for Josh. Last night in the co main event, Yvel showed everyone why he was in that fight with a solid performance against a top competitor in the heavyweight division and it was anything but an easy win for Barnett.

Even in full mount, Barnett was still under fire from Gilbert while on his back, showing great heart and not just trying to cover up and protect himself but attempting to do damage on Josh. In the third round while in full mount again, Barnett was finally able to break "The Hurricane" with devastating ground and pound that had Gilbert tapping out. Barnett is now in line for the WAMMA heavyweight title, against his friend, Fedor.

Affliction's battle of the names between the popular, Renato "Babalu" Sobral and dangerous striker, Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou, was an interesting match up of styles, as Babalu is a submission specialist and Sokoudjou is a stand up fighter but in Sokoujdou's favour, both fighters were engaging in the stand up war most of the fight.

Sokoudjou was unable to capitalize in the stand up war however and during the second round, Sokoudjou looked a little out of breath when the fight went to the ground where Babalu did take advantage as he took side control and locked in one of his infamous Anaconda chokes, cutting off Sokoudjou's air forcing him to tap out. The Strikeforce champ, Babalu looked very good in this fight and maybe Tito Ortiz will be an opponent of his sooner than later.

Concern was on the faces of everyone in attendance at Affliction 'Day of Reckoning' after Vitor Belfort dropped Matt Lindland in the first minute with an over hand left and then ground and pounded Matt unconscious.

Vitor's celebration quickly turned to a worried look as Lindland was out cold for a few minutes and was having troubles trying to stand up under his own power. Fortunately, Lindland did manage to walk out under on his own strength.