The Miz: Counting Down the Days Until He Is Probably Drafted to WWE SmackDown

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 21, 2012

It was just one short year ago where the Miz appeared to be on the precipice of immortality.  During his now-forgettable run as WWE champion, the only WWE superstar whose exposure to the outside media was comparable to that of Mike "The Miz" Mizanin was John Cena. 

With his background/stigma as a reality TV star now well behind him, and in many ways assisting him on his relentless godwill tours for the WWE, the Miz was set to be cemented as a top superstar as he prepared to face John Cena in the main event of WrestleMania XXVII. 

Unfortunately, Miz's career may have peaked with what should have been a career-making victory over the WWE's at-times infallible hero. 

Maybe it was the Rock casting too large of a shadow.  Maybe it was the WWE's quick-trigger booking as they once again abandoned a new champion in progress.  Whatever it was, to say that the Miz has fallen precipitously from the ranks of a contender would be an understatement.

The WWE cemented Miz's unenviable status as world champion-turned mid carder by making a storyline out of his drastic fall from grace.  There, Miz would cut promos that carried a sharp tone of frustration with possibly facing the biggest year-to-year dropoff in WrestleMania history. 

Miz was able to sneak into the WrestleMania picture at the beginning of the month, even picking up a victory for Team Johnny over fellow flame-out Zack Ryder.

Once upon a time, Miz was on top of the world as the WWE Champion.
Once upon a time, Miz was on top of the world as the WWE Champion.

Little has been done with the Miz since scoring an otherwise encouraging pinfall.  The former world champion will figure to be on the outside looking in for Extreme Rules, which should present an inflated pay-per-view bonus as Brock Lesnar is set to compete in the WWE for the first time since 2004.      

To make matters worse, Miz currently finds himself on a RAW roster crowded with stars who need to get theirs before the WWE even thinks about letting Miz have his.  Once upon a time, seeing Miz in a new, exorbitant suit was somewhat of a staple on RAW. 

Now, Miz is only called upon for brief, filler matches that lead to nothing.  Any talking on his part is done quickly before his matches.  Such an unceremonious occasion hardly requires a shiny, Armani three-piece.

After going from must-see to hardly seen, Miz leads a generous crop of talent who need a change of scenery in order to revitalize their careers. 

With the WWE opting to bring in stars from the past while debuting a host of new names, the Miz has been lost in the shuffle for now.  Things will only get worse the more he is left off television. 

The WWE Draft has been rendered meaningless for a host of reasons.  Yet this event could be the Miz's saving grace should he be shipped off to the blue brand.

Having a new home on SmackDown will give Miz a new lease on life, and if paired with the right talent he could reemerge as a player in the WWE landscape. 

SmackDown currently has an abundance of heels, and this problem will be far from solved with the WWE draft given the amount of heels there are in the WWE period.  Turning Miz babyface could add another coat of freshness to a once-promising career. 

Miz has been predominantly heel for his entire WWE career, so there is significant novelty in turning him into a good guy, thus beefing up the babyface roster in the WWE.

There's no telling if and/or when the Miz will ever return to his 2011 form, but if that is ever going to happen the struggling superstar will need to do so in baby steps.  The first step, could come at the WWE draft. 

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