WWE: Previewing the Talent of NXT Before They Invade the Main Roster

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WWE: Previewing the Talent of NXT Before They Invade the Main Roster
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NXT began two years ago as a new evolution in WWE. It was built as a reality TV show where the fans would help decide the newest WWE superstar. This was a unique and interesting concept at first, introducing the fans to a variety of young superstars that would one day become huge stars.

However, it only took two seasons for the entire show to go off the rails. Wade Barrett and Nexus were the lone bright spot as the majority of Season 2's talented roster were completely ignored or thrown under the rug.

The following season became a complete joke as the roster of entirely female wrestlers failed to gain any attention and showed some of the worst ring rust in WWE history. One match, Kaitlyn vs. Maxine, would be almost unanimously called the worst match of the year.

It was not going well, and even though there was a reasonable amount of talent in Season 4 of NXT, nobody paid any attention anymore. The season went by with almost no success, and NXT Redemption began.

Redemption was meant to simply be another NXT only with entirely old NXT members. Without any true standouts, the entire show began to collapse to such an extent that WWE decided to extend the season indefinitely once only two wrestlers remained.

Somehow, this decision became the show's saving grace as many under-appreciated low card wrestlers were given a chance to appear on the show and work into feuds. Soon, this was no longer NXT the competition but rather NXT the third show.

Sure, it doesn't help that NXT only airs online for US viewers now, but NXT Redemption has become a success story by saving the careers of several wrestlers both rookies and fully signed low-card wrestlers.

Now, though it would seem WWE is moving shop. NXT Redemption is moving out almost everyone on its roster. This may mean that a new batch of wrestlers are being moved in especially after the stop to the showing of FCW for WWE or it could just be WWE giving up on the Internet show despite its redeeming qualities as of late.

Either way, nine wrestlers are going to be moving on from NXT onto the main shows most likely. Some of them are ready made mid-carders. Others are largely forgettable talent still need of great changes. No matter who they are though, you need to know them.

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