"Not My Man": Brett Favre Is No Leader

Joe HuberCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

Excuse the use of the slogan coined by liberal Hoosiers during the last election for governor, but it works just as well in this situation.

I can hear it now: "You're just a dejected Packers fan. Why are you bagging on Brett? He isn't even your teams quarterback anymore!"

I'm here to say: "I don't care anymore."

The man I idolized for 17 years, the man for whom I nearly cried when he officially retired from the sport of football, is no longer the man I thought he was.

Brett Favre is no longer a team leader. Favre is a fraud.

The problem is that he now thinks of himself above everyone else. Separate dressing rooms, rifts with teammates, and the constant cries for attention add up to one dysfunctional locker room.

Everyone has probably heard Thomas Jones' quotes in which he voiced his opinion that Favre should have been benched after throwing interceptions in the Jets' late season outings—but it's more than that.  It's the fact that he lost his team in a single season.

It's a problem when your teammates call you out for throwing picks and it's even more of a problem when you head back to the locker room, and aren't even in the same room. There's no cohesion with him at the helm. I'm really curious to talk with Jets fans about No. 4 to see how they feel.

The saga continues again this offseason, with Favre once again taking his time deciding his future. The drama he attracts when the season ends is literally a soap opera that nobody can really get a handle on. The Packers and Jets have tried to keep everything hush hush—the PR can be brutal.

I'm not calling Favre overrated. I still think he's the best quarterback to play the game. However, I'm glad he's not in Green Bay anymore.

Maybe I am just a dejected fan, but I honestly believe that the Jets should reevaluate whether or not they want him leading the way.

Hey, Mike Tannenbaum, I hear that Nate Davis is pretty sick. Maybe you should draft him and declare him the starter. That is, unless Favre decides early that he is coming back.

But look on the bright side, the Jets should know by next August whether or not he's coming back.