WWE and Zack Ryder: It Is Time to End the Z! True Long Island Story

Justin Watry@@JustinWatryChief Writer IIIMarch 29, 2017

UNCASVILLE, CT - AUGUST 3:  Actor Jeremy Piven guest hosts WWE's 'Monday Night Raw' at Mohegan Sun on August 3, 2009 in Uncasville, Connecticut.  (Photo by Jim Rogash/Getty Images)
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This has been long overdue. Over a year ago, Zack Ryder started his own show to draw attention to himself. He wanted something to do and prove his worth to WWE.

The concept took a while to get going, but fans eventually jumped on his bandwagon. He had some fans before during his singles run, but now all of these "fans" suddenly loved his work.

His subtle shots at the company were fun, all the while he just wanted to be on Raw or Smackdown. It was either that or be released and sent packing to TNA. I wouldn't wish that on anybody!

Again, this all took a while, but it worked.

By the summer, more and more Ryder signs were at the arenas. More and more fans were chanting for him. More and more hits started coming to his show.

Everything was in motion for WWE to make the next move, and they did.

He destroyed Michael Cole in a nice start for his big run. Beating a hated heel was the perfect way to re-introduce him to a larger audience.

He was off and running. Fans loved him, his show was continuing on the Internet and he was picking up momentum as the months went by.

As most know by now, he may have hit his peak at Survivor Series. The "too smart" fans at Madison Square Garden chanted for Ryder all night, despite him not even being in a match.

Remember, this is the same crowd that chanted "D'Lo Brown" and "HBK" on this night! That about says it all...

As Dolph Ziggler beat John Morrison (remember him?), the fans would not let up. They wanted the Ryder Revolution, and they would soon get it!

At TLC in December, the stage was set. Ryder was getting his United States Championship opportunity against Dolph Ziggler, and the two more than delivered.

If Ryder's peak wasn't at Survivor Series, it was certainly at TLC when he won the gold. He was on cloud nine, having a great online show, getting attention on television and now a champion.

Then nothing changed.

Like all performers, they have to evolve. Superstars have to do something to make me care. At TLC, I was invested in Ryder finally getting his moment.

After that, it was the same thing week after week. He would fist pump, smile like a goof ball and prance around John Cena whenever he saw him backstage.

I wrote about this at the end of November, near the beginning of January and recently in March.

On top of that, I have long talked about his failures in the ratings game.

When you added it all up, things were not going well for the Zack Pack. As expected, he dropped the gold to Jack Swagger on an episode of Raw.

Surely, he would get his revenge months later, right? That is what fans would have had you believe.

None of that happened. Kane destroyed him week after week, as he looked ridiculous going after Eve Torres every Monday night. Surely, he would get his revenge on the two, right?

Again, none of that happened. He and Kane never had a feud, and just this past week, Kane crushed him again in minutes. Eve has completely moved on and isn't looking back.

In other words, Ryder was a "nobody" again.

Why was all of this happening?

Real simple: His Youtube show continued on.

It may have meant something last year. In 2012, nobody cares anymore. He already got his television time. His title win was great, and he was featured weekly.

Now? What was left to cheer for? He was no longer the underdog being "held down" by authority. Ryder got plenty of merchandise, tons of exposure and none of it worked.

Notice how nobody chants for Ryder anymore?

If fans really did still want him, they would be cheering for him like they did six months ago...

Fans stopped chanting because they saw it all already. They heard the music. They bought the gear. They cheered him against Eve. They grew tired of his pointless jabs at WWE.

None of it meant anything anymore.

What happened this week?

Once again, Zack was on his series taking shots at WWE. Whether it was his own will or a storyline done by the company, it doesn't matter.

We've seen this song and dance for the past 50 weeks.

It is time to end the show.

Move on. The fans that love you will still love you. The fans that never got into it will never get into it. The fans that have "turned" on you will likely be back once you do something worth while.

As I first broke back in August, WWE wanted the rights to his show for their own channel. While Zack refused then, he made the right decision a few months ago and gave in to the company's request.

Now the show is in their hands. Just like WCW in 2001, it is only a matter of time before Vince McMahon crushes it. Right or wrong, it is coming.

Thus, do what most fans would want you to do. Kill your own creation. Do not let anything or anybody end the beloved series.

Do it yourself. Then the sky is the limit for you. No more road blocks in front of you!

If not, the show will continue, the same jokes will continue, the usual crushing defeats on Raw will continue and, most importantly, the fans will continue to care less and less...


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