Victoria Secret's Elsa Hosk Hangs with Logan Morrison of the Miami Marlins: BR5+

BR5Daily ShowApril 20, 2012

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Victoria's Secret model Elsa Hosk teamed with Marlins outfielder Logan Morrison for a meet and greet at a Miami Victoria's Secret Pink store to help kick off the new season. Sporting Miami Marlins gear, Hosk hung out with fans in an attempt to put some smiles back on those Miami faces, and Hosk was up to the challenge. 

This is a much better public relations attempt than the recent "Pro Fidel Castro" comments made by Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen. Now, if they can only win on the field to help folks forget about what's going on off the diamond.

Miami is hovering around .500 this season so far. It's too early to tell if the experiment in Miami has failed. The Opening Day loss and Ozzie Guillen-gate wasn't a great start. So maybe this event will help turn the tide on the field for Miami too! Morrison may not have been the best candidate for this event. With a .286 BA and only 5 RBIs, it doesn't look like he should be taking time away from working on his game. 

Concerning the future of more model appearances in Miami, no word if Hosk can get the rest of the Victoria's Secret models to join her, and we are not sure if this is the answer to getting people interested in the Marlins, but it's a lot better than that home run statue that looks like it belongs at Epcot Center. Yikes!


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