Mets Must Pull Trigger on Manny Ramirez

Dominick DiFucciAnalyst IJanuary 23, 2009

The Daily Debate goes on about Manny Ramirez and a lot of talk has Mets fans believing that he is not an option for us.

The New York Post's Mike Puma had a good article on the situation with the Mets. It reported that Jeff Wilpon has said that Omar Minaya's baseball staff does not think that Ramirez is someone they are likely to pursue for the 2009 campaign. This, even though star third baseman David Wright thinks he has the "right stuff" to be a Met (OK stupid pun).

Without Ramirez, the Mets would most likely use the platoon of Daniel Murphy and Fernando Tatis in LF. While I would love to see Murphy get a chance to play almost everyday, you can't question the offense of Manny because he is a future hall of famer.

His numbers last year with the Dodgers speak for themselves and he would bring a little fear to opposing NL pitchers who faced the Mets. Manny is not the greatest in the field, but his bat alone is worth the admission.

The Mets seem to be pinching their pennies again as they still try to land a quality starter to compliment Johan Santana at the top of the rotation.

They tried to go cheap on Lowe, but that did not work.

They are playing the same game with Oliver Perez now, and that seems to be going no where. My guess is the Mets would like to get the draft picks for him because he is a Type A free agent. 

Other options for the rotation are disappearing fast.

Randy Wolf appears to be heading to LA according to rumors and reports from 

That leaves Ben Sheets and Andy Pettitte, both who are question marks going into 2009. Do the Mets give Sheets a laden incentive contract to play in New York? His stuff, when healthy, is nasty. If the Mets don't decide he is the answer, I guess the Mets believe they have enough depth at starter with their bullpen that includes Putz and K-Rod.

That leaves the question, what are the Mets doing? Are they saving their money because they have made bad investments? Or are they just cheap?    

The problem I have is that the Mets don't get what they want unless it's available at the price they want. I know the Mets got burned on Castillo's contract, but by now they should have traded him for a bag of balls. I know the Mets are paying for Willie Randolph and Billy Wagner's absence, but that should not be the case for such cheapness.

The Mets need to pull the trigger and get Man-Ram on board, enough said. Go Mets!