Royal Rumble! Tonight: What's the Worst that Could Happen?

Blue ChipCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

The Royal Rumble is tonight. This will no doubt be a great Pay Per View to watch. These matches are set up to please the WWE fan nation. Every week we see some great shows. The WWE may have its flaws, but they are tyring their best.

Imagine the WWE Universe, from the perspective of the company. They have had massive budget cuts. The WWE has had to lay off several superstars, on their roster. The office in Australia has been shut down. This may sound frivolous, but Vince McMahon has had to fire his personal entourage. 

The story has been what is acceptable to the creative team. There will always be better ways, that we can all think of as to how the WWE can improve. The thing is, no matter how much we think it should improve, we all still watch.

Now ladies and gentlemen, I will practice hypocrisy to the level of my satisfaction! the worst that can happen at the Royal Rumble, in my opinion, would be the following.

Match No. 1: ECW Title match: Jack Swagger vs Matt Hardy

MatchNo. 2: Beth Phoenix vs Melina (Women's Championship)

Match No. 3: John Cena vs JBL Heavyweight Championship.

Match No. 4: The Royal Rumble itself. Here is a list of the participants.

Finlay, Mark Henry, C.M. Punk, Miz, Morrison, R- truth, Carlito, HHH, The Brian Kendrick, HHH, Big Show, Koslov, Benjamin, Taker, Orton, Jericho, Kingston, mysterio, cody rhodes, Dibiase, Marella, and Kane...But that is only 22

Match No. 5: Edge vs Jeff Hardy

The worst could be as follows:

No. 1: In the ECW match, a Mark Henry Run-in. No clear cut winner and Swagger is left with default.

No. 2: Women's Champ, Marella distracts Melina and Phoenix pics up the cheap win.

No. 3: Cena World champ match—HBK doesn't know what to do, so he seems conflicted and leaves the ring.

No. 4: Rumble match, Koslov could win, as more of a push.

No. 5: WWE title, the match could go on as planned and we find out that the person behind all of the attacks has been Vicki Guerro, or Chavo.

Thanks for reading.

-Blue Chip