Tyson Takes a Bite out of Vegas & Justin Bieber Channels Yoda: BR5 4/20

BR5Daily ShowApril 20, 2012

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Today’s episode of BR5 gets you up to date with everything from Tyson's prison child to Bubba Watson's Bieber fever.

Evander Holyfield made an appearance at Mike Tyson's one man show in Vegas this past Sunday, and even posed for photos with the former bite-happy champ.  Tyson revealed his former love of morphine and how he once got a prison official pregnant in bits that were cut from the show.

Bubba Watson’s first and only phone call after winning the Masters came from Justin Bieber.  Bubba said: "Justin Bieber is the only person I talked to on the phone that night after I won...he and Selena were congratulating me, and it was a big honor that they would both call me and talk to me." Bubba is known as a practical joker, but if this is true, there must be a reason these huge sports stars like having the diminutive pop phenom around.

Terrell Owens is taking time off from indoor football to visit Dr. Phil.  T.O. will be heading to the daytime talk show to hash out his differences with his baby mamas, and get to the bottom of why their relationships fell apart, and why he doesn't spend any time with his kids.

The Charlotte Bobcats are 7-54 and on an 18-game losing streak. Reports are that the 68-year-old coach Paul Silas shoved 6'10" forward Tyrus Thomas toward his locker stall after a game against the Boston Celtics. Word is that Silas didn’t appreciate Thomas chatting up the C’s after yet another loss.

In an interview that should have been a celebration of the Celtics winning yet another division title, Kevn Garnett used the time to blast the media for throwing dirt on the C’s before they were actually dead and buried. KG said, "You know, I read some of your pathetic articles and some of your lousy analysis...We thank y'all for those articles.”

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