Joey Logano: Won No Trophy, But Be Warned, "He Aint Gone a Take It"

al asifyouknowSenior Analyst IJanuary 25, 2009

The Toyota all-star showdown was run on Saturday night and it turned out to be one of the best finished I've seen in a long time.

After leading most of the last 30 laps, Joey Logano seamed to have an easy victory at hand , a caution with about 13 laps to go changed all that.

A restart with 8 laps to go found Logano in the lead, Jason Bowles second, and the star of the last 8 laps Payton Sellers third. 

At the restart  Sellers' No. 83, demolition derbied his way to the front by taking Bowles to the wall, and if that wasn't enough he then takes Logano hard to the wall to take the lead.

Logano is now in third place and fights his way back to Sellers, as Logano is passing Sellers, Logano slides up into Sellers and wrecks him into the wall, Logano crosses the finish line and wins—so it seemed.

NASCAR—in their infinite wisdom—ruled Logano to be rough driving and disqualified him. (I guess Sellers' driving was just a Sunday "little old lady" drive). Matt Kobyluck was declared the winner.

Here is the best part: Sellers gets out of his car all huffy and puffy and gets to Logano's car, sticks his head in and starts to yell at him.  I'm sitting here watching this and thinking to myself, what can he be saying?

"Hey Joey!! I know I took you to the wall and took the lead, but it wasn't on purpose and please tell Jason Bowles I didn't  really want to squeeze him into that wall, I'm so sorry."

It amazes me how some folks get on their high horse even though they have done the very same thing they complain about.

Of course in the post race interview Sellers sounded like Mother Teresa, he was very humble. He really should look at the way he got to the front.        

Maybe tomorrow at church we should all catch on that: "DO UNTO OTHERS AS...." well you know the rest. Amen brother.