Did WWE Need Batista's Injury?

Giorgi DolidzeCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

In December 2008 Batista got punted in head by Randy Orton which caused him an injury. This was a shock for fans and for WWE because  a lot of people thought that Batista was going to win the Royal Rumble and at WM 25, it was going to be Batista vs Cena 2. If this was true than injury should affect WWE plans.

But look at it from the other side. If not batista's injury and Cena vs JBL and HBK than orton's era couldn't come. I mean two top superstars Batista and Cena and there is Jericho, no place for Orton at royal rumble win or WM 25. So WWE needed to rise orton's role in the business. and why not Orton is a very good wrestler and has an ability to be at the top.

so as i think Orton is going to win the rumble and head to WrestleMania. and face Cena or who ever is going to be champ( that is a totally different subject and lets not talk about it now) 

As Orton mentioned in his interview with ESPN, he will have new members in stable and by WM, "The Legacy" will grow so if Orton does win the title at WM 25 than it will be hard to take the title away from him with his stable members by his side.

So if this does happen by July-August when Batista returns, Orton will be at the top. I think that WWE will use Batista's return as an formation of a "good guy" team against "Orton's evil". Maybe there won't be a team, but that doesn't matter Batista will have to rescue WWE universe and the championship from Orton and legacy.

By Batista's return a there will be a draft and if Triple H will get drafted to raw than they can reunite Evolution (I read this in someone's article, good idea) and my article could make more sense, but I think that is not going to happen.

That is my opinion and even if everything doesn't go this way, I think it could be a good storyline. Thank you for reading.