UFC 94: St. Pierre Vs. B.J. Penn: Pure Athleticism Against the Prodigy

Victor ChenContributor IIJanuary 25, 2009

Folks, I am back with the analysis breakdown for UFC 94: St. Pierre vs BJ Penn. This is going to be the match to kick off 2009 right. UFC 93 was not that great in my opinion. So without dwelling on past events, let me get the party started with my analytical breakdown of their skills, mind set, and who I think will be victorious on Jan. 31.

GSP is undeniably one of the most gifted pure athletes in MMA history. We have not seen a welterweight fighter at his young ripe age of 27 who can kick, punch, wrestle, grapple, and stay humble all at once.

GSP not only possesses the tools to defeat B.J. Penn, he is a classy gentleman who has never deliberately "bad mouthed" an opponent. A true martial artist.

GSP is a Kyokushin black belt and was recently awarded his Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt. GSP trains with Greg Jackson's camp, along with top MMA athletes and coaches from the TriStar Gym in Canada and the Wat Thai Gym in New York City. He is pushed to the limit in every training session with a relentless mentality of never giving up.

What GSP needs for this fight is to bring the same tenacity and aggressiveness that he has displayed beautifully in his recent UFC bouts. In their first encounter, BJ was disappointed that he lost but that is no fault of GSP.

GSP took down B.J. numerous times, showing he was more active and dominate as the rounds went on. GSP should keep that same composure by setting up B.J. with kicks and punches and then take BJ down, landing punches to his BJ's face. B.J. will most likely want to stand like he did against Sean Sherk so he can prove he is the better striker.

If GSP keeps the fight fast paced, unleashes his leg kicks, takes down B.J. when he thinks it can't be possible, and hits massive ground and pound, GSP will win either via TKO or by unanimous decision.

Now, for B.J. Penn to pull off a victory against GSP, the one tool in his arsenal belt that he needs to enhance is unlimited cardio tank. We all know that B.J. has the ground skills and striking ability to defeat his opponents. B.J. cannot reach exhaustion in the third or fourth round. 

If he comes in with the intensity as he did against Sean Sherk, B.J. will then pose a real danger to GSP. The problem is whether B.J. will be fighting with 100 percent conditioning or is he thinking GSP will not last one round.

Less caliber or less experienced fighters will succumb to B.J. Penn's incredible fighting ability, but GSP is not your average Joe at the bar. The only way I think B.J. can win is by either out striking GSP with dirty boxing similar to Matt Serra or by dominating with jiu-jitsu plus ground and pound.

Either way, it will go to the judge's score card for the results. 

B.J. Penn needs to come eating, breathing, training, and sleeping nothing but the GSP fight. The recent Spike TV special showed B.J. Penn relaxing for five days instead of training.

One mistake I think B.J. made so far is calling GSP a "quitter." Call it trash talking if you want but I have never seen GSP give up in a fight. I think B.J. "quit" when he gassed out in the third round against Matt Hughes in their second bout.

On Jan. 31, MMA fans will find out if B.J. Penn can outclass the athleticism of GSP. B.J. Penn better be ready to back up those harsh words otherwise it's going to be lights out for the Prodigy.