Vancouver Canucks: The Green Men's Funniest Moments

Andrew EideCorrespondent IApril 20, 2012

Vancouver Canucks: The Green Men's Funniest Moments

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    With the Vancouver Canucks 3-1 season-saving victory over the Los Angeles Kings Wednesday night, they forced a Game 5 back in Vancouver on Sunday.

    On the ice, it means another chance for the Canucks to stay alive in the Stanley Cup playoffs.

    Off the ice, it offers the Green Men one more chance to show their stuff.

    Depending on how you feel about them, it will either be annoying or entertaining.

    Not everyone enjoys the Green Men, and those who don't probably take life too seriously, but they are hard to keep your eyes off of when they do their thing.

    Their "thing" has been mocking opposing players sitting in the penalty box in Rogers Arena for the past few seasons.

    While we ponder what they may have in store for us in the future, here's a look back at some of their funnier moments.

You Have to Start at the Beginning

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    This whole Green Men phenomenon started against the Nashville Predators three seasons ago.

    Here is a montage of their work that night and it ends with one of the Predators putting a towel over the camera which might be proof they were getting to him.

    The best part of this is the player who watches them with strange bemusement.

    If only he knew what this night was starting.

Lucic Mixes It Up with the Green Men

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    This clip comes from the Stanley Cup Finals last year and Vancouver native Milan Lucic decides against ignoring the Green Men and has a conversation with the fellas instead.

    We are not sure what they are saying, but I'm sure it was all in good fun.

    Even the gesture Milan makes at the end which may, and we stress may, have been questioning the Green Men's manhood.

You Have Stand Up for the Playoffs

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    Players save their best for the Stanley Cup playoffs .

    When the Los Angeles Kings and the Canucks met in the first round two years ago, the Green Men busted out their best with a reverse hand stand.

    How they got overlooked for the Conn Smythe is beyond understanding.

    You have to hand it to Drew Doughty for doing his best to ignore the freak show going on right next to him.

Picking on the Habs

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    The Green Men never shy away from poking fun at the opposing team or players.

    Here, in a game against Montreal, they make a point of poking fun at the mess of a season the Canadiens were having.

    They held up two signs, one making fun of Scott Gomez's contract and the other making fun of the whole bilingual coach issue that sprung up in Montreal.

    Sadly for the Green Men, the Habs won this game.

    Bonus humor in this clip is the smirk on Kevin Bieksa's face at the end. He was probably laughing at whatever it was P.K. Subban was saying, but is still pretty funny.

Don Cherry Weighs in on the Green Men

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    You know when Don Cherry starts ripping you, you have arrived. Referring to them as "The Green Guys," he scolds them for getting personal.

    Cherry then shows great clips of them mocking Mike Fisher by holding up a cut out of his wife wearing a Canucks sweater and then making fun of former Canuck Shane O'Brien's love for a local watering hole.

    The best part of this clip is Ron McLean saying "don't be mean, be green."

Responding to Cherry

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    The Green Men got the last laugh against Don Cherry by putting a cut out of Grapes in a Green Man suit.

    Thankfully, it was just a cut out as nobody wants to see the real Don Cherry in a skin tight body suit.

    This was a playoff game against the Sharks and the clip includes the rest of the fellas great work that night.

History Will Be Made

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    One of the best things about the NHL's "History Will Be Made" ad campaign of the past few years was the fan mock ups of these ads.

    This one asks a question that we have all wondered about.

    What if the Green Men had girlfriends?

Leafs and Waffles

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    Remember last year when an angry Toronto Maple Leafs fan threw waffles on the ice?

    The Green Men noticed and, when the Maple Leafs rolled into Rogers Arena, they were ready.

    It has been pretty easy making fun of Toronto the past few years and the Green Men did not hold back. Along with the waffles, they held up a sign that read "Draft Picks For Sale".


Finally Make the Big Time

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    Getting ESPN to acknowledge the existence of the NHL takes something pretty remarkable to happen.

    Usually the world wide leader in sports only mentions hockey when something bad has happened, but the Green Men got their attention last year.

    Here's a spot that ESPN ran on their E:60 show that gives you a little insight to the madness that is the Green Men.