Wrestling's Greatest Tag Teams

K.C MynkCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

10. Arn Anderson and Tully Blanchard

Perhaps one of the best heel tag teams in wrestling history regardless if they were the Horsemen or the Brainbusters.

During the '80s few tag teams worked as well together or had two better mat wrestlers than the team of Anderson and Blanchard.

Anderson and Blanchard were two time NWA World Tag Team Champions and won the Tag Team titles in the WWF as well.

Never flashy or overly powerful, but a great technical team that if they had wrestled longer together (they only officially tag teamed together sporadically) could have dominated tag team wrestling in the NWA and WWF for years.

9. The British Bulldogs

While the Dynamite Kid and the late Davey Boy Smith won only one World Tag team championship, they were still one of the finest tag teams of all-time.

Beginning their careers in England the duo eventually moved to Calgary where they began wrestling for Stu Hart's promotion, winning the tag team titles twice.

However, it was in the WWF where the duo reached stardom with Bulldog's power and Dynamite Kid's vastly underrated technical abilities made them one of the promotions top teams.

Aside from the goofy gimmicks and mascot they were given (Bobby Heenan's Islanders once "dognapped" their real life bulldog mascot Matilda) their year long feud with the Hart Foundation was a high point in tag team wrestling for the WWF during the 80's.

8. The Steiner Brothers

Long before Scott Steiner became a steroid altered freak, he was part of one of the best tag team's in the business.

Coming from a solid amateur wrestling background Scott and Rick Steiner were able to match excellent chemistry, solid mat wrestling, and tremendous power to become one of the premier tag teams in the NWA/WCW.

The Steiner's were nine time world tag team champions and worked great programs with all of the top tag team's of the era as part of Kevin Sullivan's Varsity Club.

Even in TNA the Stenier's continued to wrestle as a tag team after a decade long hiatus winning the TNA Tag Team Championship in 2007.

7. The Original Rock and Roll Express

Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson were one of the first high flying tag teams in wrestling history.

After beginning their careers in Memphis working for Jerry Jarrett, they quickly made a name for themselves winning the NWA World Tag Team titles four times during the 80's.

Along the way the Rock and Roll Express worked feuds with some of the best teams of the era including the Steiner Brothers, Anderson and Blanchard, and The Road Warriors.

Due to the fact that they never wrestled in the WWF, they don't get the credit they deserve however they would have been a top shelf tag team in any promotion during that era.

6. The Hart Foundation

While Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart only won two WWF World Tag Team Championships they rank this high simply because they were that good.

Hart and Neidhart were both struggling at the bottom of the card when they convinced Vince McMahon to allow them to team together and formed the best tag team in the WWF during the 1980.

The team had two wrestlers with two totally different styles, with Hart being the excellent mat technician with almost no mic skills, and Neidhart being the brawler with the perfect charisma needed to get over with WWF fans during that era.

Despite winning only two titles, the Hart Foundation's chemistry and development over their period as a team rank them in the top 10.

5. The Outsiders

Maybe not the most technically sound tag team to ever compete, but certainly one of the most popular and influential.

Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were a "dream team" as the lynch pin of the nWo, carrying forward a relationship that began in the WWF as "the Kliq."

Over a three year period Hall and Nash squashed every established tag team that WCW put in front of them, and it would other "all-star" teams to even compete with their dominance.

Hall's personal problems and Nash's willingness to become a star in single's competition derailed what was at the time the most dominant tag team in the industry.

4. The Dudley Boyz

"D-Von get the tables!"

Let the record speak for itself: eight time ECW World Tag Team Champions, six time WWE World Tag Team Champions, one TNA World Tag Team Champions.

For anybody who wants to pass the Dudley's off as a gimmick team, is 15 Tag Team titles enough for you?

Sure the Dudley's basic premise was a goofy gimmic (same father, different mothers and the tables) but they have the goods and believe it or not are the most successful tag team in wrestling history.

3. The Hardy Boyz

No two wrestlers are as beloved on B/R.com than Matt and Jeff Hardy and they were the best tag team of the post-WCW era.

While high flying tag team's have existed and thrived for years, the Hardy's brought a lucha libre style to the ring that was revolutionary for American tag team wrestling.

As seven time world champions the Hardy's took on the best teams in the world working legendary matches with Edge and Christian, The Dudleys, and The Radicalz.

Given that Jeff is now a Main Eventer, it's unlikely that the Hardy's will ever regularly wrestle again as a tag team, however their sporatic reunion matches are still well worth watching.

2. The Fabulous Freebirds

More of a southern style gang that a tag team in the strict definition of the term, regardless of who paired with Michael P.S Hayes they were one of wrestling's elite tag teams.

Wrestling under their own "Freebird Rules" any two members of the team could defend their titles at any given time which almost always featured Hayes teaming with Terry Gordy, Buddy Roberts, and occasional member Jimmy Garvin.

Starting their career in the WCCW the Freebird's were premier heel's feuding with the ultra-popular hometown Von Erich brothers, and were also one of the top team's in the NWA/WCW working a long term program with the Road Warriors.

Thirteen times the Freebirds found themselves holding tag team (two man or three man) titles and had members that wrestled with unique styles yet had excellent chemistry regardless of who was representing the group in the ring on a given night.

1. The Road Warriors/The Legion of Doom

Naming any team other than Animal and the late Hawk as number one on this list would be like trying to put Michael Jordan second on a list of greatest basketball players, or Pele second on a list of greatest soccer players.

Thirteen times the Road Warriors held tag team championships and dominated that division as much during the '80s as Hogan and Flair dominated single's wrestling during the decade.

At a time where the tag team ranks were primarily a dumping ground for unpolished performers, undersized wrestlers, or guys not good enough for the top of the card.

However, Hawk and Animal could have been great singles wrestlers with tremendous chemistry and power almost unseen in tag team wrestling until that time.

Legends to fans in the south, godlike in Japan, and underrated by long time WWE fans (primarily because they came into the promotion as Demolition broke up, Bret Hart left the Hart Foundation, and Shawn Michaels left The Rockers) the Road Warriors record and impact on tag team wrestling speaks for itself.


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