Shane Mosley Knocks Out an Upset for the Ages

Gage ArnoldCorrespondent IJanuary 25, 2009

Today, the father beat his son. The Master beat his Student. And Shane Mosley played the Perennial "Father" in all of this in his magical ninth-round TKO of Anthony Margarito.

Things like this just don't happen every day. I mean how often do you see a blue moon? Or a unicorn? Or a 37-year-old boxer past his prime beat a 30-year-old boxer who remains well in his?

This people was much more than a knockout punch from Shane Mosley, or a fight, this in fact was a battle for the century, and Mosley has emerged as the Chimpanzee in the time of monkeys. He in fact, stands apart.

This was NC State-Houston, but better. This was Fresno State-Georgia, but more improbable. This was George Mason-UConn, but bigger. And if the Giants want to talk, then maybe next time.

But how does something like this happen?

I mean a 37-year-old boxer is basically the equivalent of a 44-year-old baseball player, or a 35-year-old running back. Winning and these peoples' names should not be mentioned in the same sentence, no matter what they've done in their prime.

I mean, Tim Tebow doesn't lose.

Chuck Norris doesn't sleep.

And most importantly, 37-year-old boxers don't beat 30-year-old boxers.

Here we have a classic of a battle against all forces, and still Mosley prevailed.

The level of odds against this man in this fight were so high that, most likely they couldn't even be calculated.

But this goes to show that fights are not won on paper.

Today, "Sugar" Shane Mosley defied every single one of the odds.

Today, Shane Mosley won what could be the biggest upset in recent sports history.