Toronto Raptors Want to Re-Sign Jamaal Magloire

Raju ByfieldAnalyst IIIApril 19, 2012

Dwane Casey wants to re-sign Magloire.
Dwane Casey wants to re-sign Magloire.Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

In a Toronto Raptors season that lacks news, this story comes across as positive.

Yes, its true, Jamaal Magloire only played 11.2 minutes a game and barely contributed to the 2011-2012 Raptors squad on the court, but he is still a valued member of the locker room.

Keeping Magloire, a former NBA All-Star, is a shrewd move in case injuries strike. Also, it allows Toronto's young bigs to glean information from a NBA big with a long career; he can prove an invaluable resource for Jonas Valanciunas, Ed Davis, Andrea Bargnani and Amir Johnson.

It is surprising that he did not find his way to more minutes with Andrea being out for a large part of the season, but if playing him less means hastened development for Andrea, Ed and Amir, then so be it.

Having a hometown player was one of the lone bright spots in a season that by all accounts turned out to be a major disappointment.

Here’s hoping that Jamaal Magloire can help ease Jonas Valanciunas’ transition to the NBA next season.

Here are coach Dwane Casey’s comments regarding Magloire, according to Chris Tomasson of FOX Sports Florida:

"'He's helped me tremendously,' said Casey, who hopes Magloire next season can be a valuable mentor when center Jonas Valanciunas joins the Raptors after being taken No. 5 in last year's draft -- Valanciunas is currently playing in his native Lithuania. "(Magloire has) set the tone in the locker room. He's helped me deal with players. He's set the tone defensively for us.

"He's invaluable to me as coach, and not only that, as a friend. When things get rough, he's always there, he's always positive. ... And I want him as part of our foundation (for the future)."