Five Articles Overdone on B/R

Ryan JelleyAnalyst IJanuary 24, 2009

I love Bleacher Report. Since I found it six months ago, it has easily become one of my favorite websites.

Allowing me to write about anything related to sport while also reading some very unique articles you would never find anywhere else has been very nice, but enough is enough.

This website has grown immensely over the last couple months and I know with so many members there are going to be repeats, but there are a few particular articles that just deserved to be put to rest, if not forever at least for a year.


1. "I Hate Tim Tebow" Articles

I'm not sure how many of these have been written over the past season, but there has definitely been too many. These articles tend to fall in three categories: article about Tebow not being as good as people claim he is, articles about Tebow being over-hyped by the media, or articles about Tebow not going to be successful in the NFL.

I am in no way a Tebow fan, but the attacks on the kid need to stop. Everyone knows the media is over-hyping the kid, but this is the first time in a while that there is someone in college football who isn't playing just because he wants to make big bucks in the NFL.

Finally, kids can look up to an athlete who is genuinely good and doesn't have the extra packaging of an arrest or some scandal. These articles come across as generally an upset or jealous rival fan.


2. "Brett Favre Is Overrated" Articles

I think one of these a month came out during the NFL season this year. I tend to agree with this article but we've all heard the arguments about how he threw too many interceptions and was surrounded by great players.

Pretty much everyone outside of Green Bay agrees he isn't the greatest, so really the only ones you're trying to convince is Packers fans, and they aren't going to change their minds, as he will forever be remembered by them as the greatest QB ever, so what really is the point of writing this?


3. Anti-BCS/ NCAAFB Playoff articles

I don't know what the exact numbers are, but I assume 99.5 percent of the college football world is in favor of something other than the BCS.

When you tell us the BCS doesn't work or a 16-team playoff would be better, you really aren't telling us anything that we don't already know. Do yourself a favor and just use the time for something more useful.


4. Greatest Athlete of All-Time

This one hasn't been done too many times, but that's not the problem with it. We will never know who the greatest athlete is, as each sport is so different and each requires different natural ability that you can't tell who is better.

Also, these lists tend to only include U.S. athletes.


5. College Football Pre-season Predictions

This one hasn't been widespread but I'm afraid it will. In the last two days I've seen three of these and that is too many for January.

There is a reason they need to wait: National Signing day hasn't happened yet so if Bryce Brown and Tajh Boyd both sign with Oregon then the Ducks look like a much bigger threat, players could get injured between now and September, many of these just look like the final AP poll, and we haven't seen the Spring game, which give us a much better insight of how the team is going to play.

I plead with the college football community that these don't return until June.

Please, if you are new to the site and you aspire to rise in the writer's ranking don't write any of these, learn from the experienced writers like Lisa Horne, Baby Tate, and Sean Crowe to come up with your own unique articles.

If there are any other articles you think have been written too many times or just should stop being written please leave them in the comment section.