MMA: How Will Bob Sapp Lose His Next Fight?

Walt J.@area49sportsCorrespondent IApril 19, 2012

MMA: How Will Bob Sapp Lose His Next Fight?

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    How much longer can one fighter continue?  This is especially puzzling when we are referring to fighters such as Bob Sapp.  Sapp, who had a cup of coffee in the NFL, began his fight career as a professional wrestler in 2001.

    From there, Sapp moved on to MMA and K-1 competitions, while becoming a star in Japan.  However, the last few years have been painful to watch, at best.  Since 2008, Sapp has put together a less-than-inspiring combined MMA and kickboxing record of 3-16.

    So in honor of his upcoming fight with former "World's Strongest Man" Mariusz Pudzianowski, let's look at some potential ways that this fight could end.

Tapout (Age)

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    Plenty of fighters compete at 38 years old.  Randy Couture and Dan Henderson have won titles in their 40s.  The difference: neither of them weigh 319 pounds.

    I guess bull-rushing your opponents, then throwing wild punches in gorilla-like fashion for three rounds can wear out anyone.  Quitting on the stool is always the way to go.

Doctor Stoppage (Broken Nose)

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    When you're up against the world's strongest man, you're bound to take some punishment.  I mean, really, these guys have to pull buses in competition.

    Let's just hope that Bob can handle a kick to the face a little better this time.

DQ (Excessive Entrance Music)

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    For many fighters, their entrance music is a reflection of who they are.  For others, it gives them that additional energy as they make their way to the ring. 

    Given Bob Sapp's musical prowess and love for the spotlight, we just have to hope that he doesn't get carried away.

KO (Tripping)

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    Let's face it, MMA is a brutal sport.  The Octagon, hexagon or any other type of ring/cage can be a dangerous place.  It looks like Bob struggled to gain some footing here, which resulted in his untimely defeat to James Thompson. 

    With luck like that, even tripping up the stairs towards the ring is life-threatening.  Let's hope he at least makes it to the opening bell.

Decision (Making a Bad One)

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    Continuing to fight when you have a .157 winning percentage in your last 19 fights may not be the best way to make a living.  Then again, a paycheck is a paycheck. 

    If people are paying to watch Bob Sapp—someday I will ask God why—then why not keep fighting?


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