The 100 Funniest Fan Pics Ever

Zack Pumerantz@z_pumerantzAnalyst IIIApril 20, 2012

The 100 Funniest Fan Pics Ever

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    Laces are tied, foam fingers in hand, clean-pressed jerseys feeling snug. All that's left for these diehards is an empty poster board and an array of brightly-colored permanent markers.

    Whoever told you sporting events involved athletic masterpieces and crowd eruptions hasn't seen what we've seen, hasn't teared from laughter the way we have after truly studying the art of fandship.

    There are those who reek of violence, others who always seem depressed and, finally, those who veer towards comedy as they watch their team battle for victory.

    Get ready for 100 hilarious pics of fans improvising and entertaining, giving their teams more than just a loud roar and respectful clap.

    It's recommended that you avoid beverages during the viewing of this production. Enjoy.

100. Searching for Waldo

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    Teamwork makes the dream work.

99. Preparing for Fatherhood

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    A dedicated husband indeed.

98. Digging for Gold

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    And as we search for the man in doubt, we find out that Chase Daniels does in fact "eat boogers."

97. Solving the Puzzle

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    Asking you why seems better, but the answer is quite obvious.

96. So Easy a Caveman Could Do It

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    Eerily reminiscent of Ben Stiller's "kung-foo grip" in Meet the Parents.

95. Cape Fear

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    Loyal, enthusiastic, creative...extremely disturbing.

94. Becoming Tradition

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    A vicious never-ending circle for the former(?) gunslinger.

    He may still be lingering around the gridiron.

93. This Little Piggy Went to the Ball Game

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    Beware of the big bad wolf.

92. Fantasy Land

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    We're truly envious. What an experience that must have been.

    Vicious tailgating all season.

91. Festive Creations

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    Looks like you missed a spot, but solid effort overall.

90. A Quarterback's Conundrum

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    This diverse collection never gets old, but the "Clay's Sack" poster is by far the most mature.

89. An Excruciating Reminder

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    The truth hoits.

88. Burned Like a Cheesesteak

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    The glorious return of Pat Burrell to Philly.

87. Doubling Up

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    Two is always better than one, well done sir.

86. Another One Bites the Dust

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    He's probably enjoying a better view, considering you're covering half the stadium with that poster.

85. Baby Boom

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    Don't worry guys, I got this. (voice of All-Star mom putting the team on her back)

84. Neighborly Misconduct

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    We always despise that one obnoxious "I got this on my own" fan who never sits down.

83. Happy Days

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    The humorous ellipsis truly completes this masterpiece.

82. Welcome to My House Party

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    Just take a tad off the back, please and thank you.

    Hopefully he tipped.

81. Respecting the Game

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    Hopefully he didn't waste one making this outfit.

80. Dazed and Confused

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    The Posey one is expected, but the Tim Lincecum reference...well, that's just stellar wordplay.

79. Aping for Victory

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    The Black Hole is a melting pot of creativity.

    Raiders Nation never fails to baffle, scare and inspire.

78. Furious Statistics

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    Purple is clearly the new 20.

77. Extraterrestrial Dedication

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    Just back from a dental checkup and a necessary cleaning it seems.

76. Photobomb Extraordinaires

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    It's nice to see they care.

75. Memorable Kodak Moments

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    Wait! We're not snapping the silly pic just yet.

74. Mars Attacks

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    It clearly takes a unique head shape to complete this outfit.

73. Blast from the Past

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    Using Cecil Newton's real name might have improved the authenticity a bit, but kudos for creativity.

72. Holy Saint!

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    A defense seems unnecessary with intimidation like this oozing from the stands.

71. Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair

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    On this tranquil, almost melancholy day there was one healing soul ready to enlighten the crowd.

    Several plucks on the old banjo always pleases listeners.

70. The Mecca of Patriotism

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    Easily the sexiest part of any Olympic Games.

69. Revenge of the Nerds

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    Absolutely burned, enough said.

68. Bueller...Bueller...

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    Pure dedication, honorable indeed.

67. Building a Winner

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    Air is overrated, this ball's got grit and history behind it.

66. One in a Million

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    Apparently Wookies aren't extinct, and they love football.

65. Yearning for a Headdress

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    If the goal of the game is to pile on as many arbitrary collectibles as possible, this fan has already secured the trophy.

    His shadowing neighbor seems naturally in awe.

64. Winning in Style

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    Hopefully they're referring to ferocious defense, aggressive drives to the hoop and pure focus...yeah BYU got pretty nasty on this glorious February night.

63. Christmas Come Early

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    On the rare chance he gets hungry during the game, this fan's got all the accoutrement necessary for nourishment.

62. Steaming Pile of Disapproval

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    Perhaps the kindest response LeBron James has received while on the Heat.

61. Who Wears Jort Jorts?

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    And by Tebow you mean John Cena, right?

60. Git-R-Done

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    You've colorfully, yet sufficiently gotten your point across, thank you.

59. King of Soccer

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    The face paint may be a bit off, but the enlarged plastic masterpiece more than certainly makes up for it.

58. The Tale of Mark Mangino

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    If they didn't say "world's largest underpants," this wouldn't make sense. (stinking of sarcasm over here)

57. Animal Instincts Taking over

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    While it's been established that Pau Gasol does indeed look like a Llama, let's appreciate the fan underneath the sign trying to emulate the regal creature.

    His expression can't go unappreciated.

56. Breaking the Mold

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    Classy, it's obvious this sign was thoroughly thought out.

55. Gladiator

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    Just a routine Roman general protecting his flock from invading Germanic tribes, nothing out of whack here.

54. Judging the Line Judge

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    It's only expected that he took you all out to a nice seafood dinner first.

53. Flirting with Disaster

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    A bit more baffled by the fan to the right checking his questionable neighbor out from behind.

52. Clenching for Dear Life

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    He just couldn't hold it any longer, defeat at last.

51. Heating Up in Miami

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    Time for a coffee refill, what a buzzkill.

50. Pregnancy Test

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    He's not showing at all for two months, wow.

49. A New Breed of Fan

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    Leaning towards Zebrasaurus as the name, extraterrestrial as the species.

48. Squatting on the Competition

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    Can't wait to attend Mardi Gras.

47. Called for a Hand Ball

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    That is one strange emoticon, a new kind of wink it seems.

46. Punctuating the Process

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    Understandable of course, but what's with the mysterious stain on the left?

45. It's Always Weird in Philadelphia

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    Please let that be Charlie Kelly.

44. Always Amazin'

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    As if going bananas for Kevin Burkhardt were a natural thing.

43. Truth Be Told

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    She doesn't seem to be even close to kidding around.

42. Frostbitten Loyalty

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    It's clearly colder than a mother-in-law's love over there.

41. The Maturation Process

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    Reeeeeeeaaal mature.

40. Thoroughbred Mess

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    The Belmont Stakes seems to have that effect on people.

39. Chi-Town Hangover

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    It's tough being a Cubs fan.

38. True Love

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    Her boyfriend is likely salivating in the next seat.

37. YES Network Reporter Kim Jones Gets Robbed

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    Most of us will continue wondering why she had a chunky pork chop while on live television in the first place.

36. Unique New York

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    Nothing wrong here, it's just the Jets' form of the word zest.

    Spicing things up a bit.

35. Sibling Rivalry

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    Clueless, smile-filled typical.

34. The Mind of a Referee

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    Greasy egg rolls keep many of us sane.

33. Tarnished Reputations

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    Let's be serious, it's the background sign that's got us spraying milk everywhere.

32. Cali Is Active

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    For the record...Snoop Dogg for President, end of story.

31. The Moment of Truth

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    Dirtied khaki shorts and several electric shocks later, this 17-year-old fan was still winnnnnnning.

30. An Actual Fan

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    Don't shake your head, it was only a matter of time before this happened.

29. Father of the Year

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    A truly inspirational rivalry, father and son bonding over mutual disdain.

28. How Now Brown Cow

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    Anchorman quotes continue to reign supreme.


27. Spreading Like Wildfire

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    The green-man fad continues to fill every crevice of sports fandom.

26. The Common Fan

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    The view is phenomenal, often breathtaking.

25. Young Money

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    Weezy F. Baby looks ready to l-l-lick the court like a lollipop.

24. Birdman Soars Within

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    But are they ready to save the world when the time comes?

23. The Majestic

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    Stunning, regal, glorious...the perfect NFL fan.

22. Taking the Cake

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    "Go hard or go home" is this guy's motto...well done.

21. The Antoine Dodson Effect

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    Precise punctuation and stellar grammar, the Intruder Song lives on.

20. Ramming Ahead

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    We haven't seen jaw enthusiasm like this since Dick Tracy's '30s comic strip.

19. This Sir Is Mixing a Lot

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    Oh my god. Becky, look at...yeah this guy is quite enamored.

    Concentrate on your own drum bro.

18. The Chosen One

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    Buddhist monks should probably avoid procreation with the Blue Man Group, just a suggestion.

17. The Godfather of Facial Hair

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    Without a doubt the greatest goatee on Earth.

16. The Blind Side

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    If that is truly your only purpose then, well...we respect that.

15. White Sox It to 'em

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    Natural reaction, we get it.

    Iron Mike would be proud.

14. Damsel in Distress

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    He must be the type who uses "like" after every syllable.

13. Parade of Goodies

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    Is any of this for sale?

    All in.

12. Ladies Day at Aintree Racecourse

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    This must be how racing fans pass the time in Merseyside, England.

11. Nintendo's Main Man

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    It's a me, a Mario!

10. And the Academy Award Goes To...

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    Flirting with a Napoleon Dynamite demeanor, but naturally achieving Lloyd Christmas' "most-annoying-sound-in-the-world" look.

9. Taylor Pyatt's No. 1 Fan

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    He seems to be dreaming about a Caribbean vacation with his favorite hockey player, as he watches Pyatt gracefully glide across the rough ice.


8. When Nature Calls

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    That could turn out to be a messy tackle.

7. When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong

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    It doesn't get any realer than this.

6. Precious Rivalries

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    Ah, they start so young.

5. Stinky Cheese Fan

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    Homemade macaroni and cheese at its best.

4. Bill Murray's Quest

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    Easily the greatest sight known to man, words can't possibly suffice.

3. Watch the Gap

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    Team-colored bra: $10

    Colorful wig: $25

    Team shirt: $40

    Leaving teeth at home: Priceless

2. Caught in the Act

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    If only this were a stacked foot-long sandwich, we could say he was an Aggie eating a Hoagie.

    Oh what could have been.

1. The Walk of Shame

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    The combination of violent athleticism, lack of daily excitement away from the rink and five two many spiked lemonades can certainly make a fan lose his cool.

    Sloppy much?