Dallas Girls Basketball Team Wins 100-0, But Was It Worth It?

Matthew IrbySenior Analyst IJanuary 24, 2009

Sure we have all been there playing on either side of a blow-out win. 

Most of us have played a video game on easy and done the same, winning on Madden 09 by the score of 115-0, MLB 08 pitching a perfect game while scoring 49 runs, or NBA Live 08 which we hit 40-50 three-pointers and beat the computer by over a hundred points.

Lots of us have either imagined or talked about doing something the same in real life.  "What would it be like it we didn't miss a shot and they couldn't make any, that would be awesome."

I know I have said it, but sit back and really think about what would happen.  That is the girls basketball team at The Covenant School in Dallas are doing these days.

On January 13th two private high schools in Dallas, TX (The Covenant School and Dallas Academy) held a girls basketball game.

In the end Covenant beat Dallas Academy 100-0.

Many things can be said about sportsmanship, letting the girls play to their full potential, and it's simply just a game, but what happened on that court is the perfect example of what is wrong in sports.

At halftime, Covenant lead 59-0 and then 88-0 at the end of the third quarter.  Finally midway through the fourth when they reached their 100th point did Covenant pull off the pressure.

In the stands the fans cheered on their girls to reach the plateau of 100 points, the coach kept his girls in a full-court press in attempts to reach a 100 points, and the girls themselves continued to and run up the score.

It was not until later, after the game, after it made the headlines of the Dallas Morning News, and after it made national news, did the Covenant players and coaches begin to react with remorse.

Covenant's coach, Micah Grimes told reporters later, "It just happened."

Nine days later the school's Board Chair Todd Doshier and Head of School Kyle Queal released a statement on the school's web site apologizes for the incident. They stated that the incident was shameful and embarrassing. 

The school has contacted the governing body TAPPS (Texas Association of Private and Parochial Schools) to request a forfeit of the game.  And so far today the score and win has been removed from their record.

Also, Dallas Academy has pulled out of the district and is currently reworking their schedule which will include games against junior varsity teams instead of a varsity schedule.

Dallas Academy is know for their work with students whom have learning disabilities.  Headmaster Jim Richardson stated that these problems can sometimes manifest on the court.

As for the girls basketball team of Dallas Academy?  The coaches and players have been very upbeat, stating that they will continue to work hard in the efforts of winning a game (they have not won for almost five years).

The girls story has been headlines on ABC's World News and Good Morning, America, CBS' Saturday Early Show, and NBC's Today Show.

They also are the invited guest of Dallas Mavericks' owner Mark Cuban to sit court-side at an upcoming game and Nike is sponsoring a trip for the girls to go to the NBA All-Star Game on Feb. 15th.

Both schools seem willing and wanting to put this incident behind them and move on with their seasons.  But are we really going to let this go that easily.

Can you imagine being on Dallas Academy's side, on the bench, in the game.  How hard would it really be to play that entire game?

Can you imagine yourself playing NBA Live, losing 100-0, and you can't turn the game off, you have to finish it?

It would be horrible!

In my opinion what the coaches and players of The Covenant School did on Jan. 13th is forgivable, no doubt.  And this teenager girl might not understand it now, but the rest of their lives they will look back on the girl and hopefully feel some remorse and dishonor for what they did.

As for the coach, he is suppose to be an example not only off the court, but on the court as well for these girls.  Continuing to put on a full-court press and run up the school that badly is a horrible example to be teaching his girls.

And I would now ask him to close the book on this incident and do the right thing by going into his athletic director's office and signing his resignation.

Apologizes to the other team and telling his girls that what they did was a mistake, but resigning would be and is the only way for his girls to fully understand the magnitude of what they did by winning a game, 100-0.