WWE's Lilian Garcia Trips over Words, Feet, Falls into Our Hearts

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 19, 2012

WWE's Lilian Garcia Trips over Words, Feet, Falls into Our Hearts

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    As a female announcer following in the hallowed footsteps of the legendary Howard Finkel, longtime WWE ring announcer Lilian Garcia was once considered groundbreaking.

    Now, said ground exists only to break her inevitable falls. 

    It has been a rough go of it for the stunning yet ridiculed ring announcer as the only thing Christ-like about her second coming is the way she has been crucified for her miscues. 

    From uncharacteristically screwing up ring introductions to tripping over herself on the way to the ring, Garcia has been so prone to mishaps that it's now only a matter of time before the WWE turns it into an Adamalic storyline. 

    The last thing that the WWE needs when it comes to poking fun at Garcia is help. Garcia's perceived horse face is a prominent not-so-inside joke among many high-ranking WWE officials, and it is a joke that has been publicly exploited by the likes of Michael Cole and Triple H.

    Yet, Garcia takes it all in stride.  Not one outburst, not one bout of retaliation against the relentless bullying which she seems to be such a participatory subject of. 

    So here's to you, Lilian.  Perhaps this is a highlight reel that the venerable announcer would rather see kept in the vault, but in any event, I introduce to you: Lilian Gonzalez Garcia.

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Garcia Needs Two Awkward Pauses to Get Through John Laurinaitis Introduction

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    It's hard to blame Lilian Garcia for forgetting anything about such a forgettable television personality, yet one of her first screw ups came at the expense of John Laurinaitis. 

    Garcia paused awkwardly after she was seemingly surprised by seeing Laurinaitis come out before David Otunga, who she was already starting to announce. 

    Upon trying to recover, Garcia was clearly rattled as she incorrectly introduced Laurinaitis as "The General Manager of Monday Night RAW and Interim...talent relations"  rather than the Interim General Manager of RAW and the Vice President of Talent Relations.

    Needless to say, Michael Cole didn't miss a beat when it came to pouncing on her mistake through his headset.  

Lilian Garcia Turns Heel...then Breaks It

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    Lilian Garcia gave a new definition to turning heel as she suffered a wardrobe malfunction while being introduced on SmackDown to the live crowd in Columbus, Ohio. 

    The SmackDown announcement team of Michael Cole, Booker T, and Josh Mathews provided their own brand of color commentary on the incident.

Lilian Garcia Introduces the "Par-tar-cipants"

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    As the road to WrestleMania heated up, Garcia stayed cold introducing talent as her string of flubs continued. 

    During the introduction of the Great Khali at the 2012 Elimination Chamber pay-per-view, Garcia tripped over her words as she attempted to pronounce "participants." 

    Once again, Michael Cole made sure to take a veiled shot at the error, claiming that "everybody is choked up for the Chamber tonight."

Lilian Garcia Screws Up Ryder's Introduction, John Cena Responds

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    When Lilian Garcia announced Zack Ryder as "Long Island Iced Z, Jack Swagger," to a live SmackDown crowd, it wasn't enough for Michael Cole to bombard Garcia with mockery. 

    Instead, the WWE brought out the big guns for this occasion as top star John Cena defiantly brought out former SmackDown ring announcer Tony Chimel to show Garcia up for her latest blunder. 

    The whole incident ended up being one big rib on Chimel, as the WWE embarrassed two birds with one stone. 

Lilian Garcia Falls for England

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    Garcia's latest blooper came in the house of horror, otherwise known as a SmackDown taping—this time in the O2 Arena in London, England. 

    WWE.com was all over the story as Cole, Booker T, and Josh Mathews once again interjected some lighthearted jeering at Garcia's expense.