Boulevard of Broken Dreams: WWE SmackDown Rebound

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2009

We were all stunned by the ending to last week's SmackDown. Now I know that this will be hard to swallow, but we have to relive that one more time as I give to all of you the recap of last night's Friday Night SmackDown.

Before going live, SmackDown takes a look at the last two weeks of controversy involving WWE Champion Jeff Hardy. Is there an assassin out to take out the Champion before the Royal Rumble this Sunday? Or is this the continuation of the Dark Cloud that loomed over Hardy in 2008?

As the show goes live, it’s been found out that there was foul play involved and that someone did tamper with the pyrotechnics last week that found Hardy being burned the pyros. After JR delivers the news of Hardy’s condition, Edge makes his way to ring to talk about the recent events involving his opponent for the Rumble.

Edge comes out and makes it clear that he had nothing to do with the accident last week involving Jeff Hardy. He then goes on and on about being a true champion, but as he talks about all this, Jeff’s brother Matt comes out and attacks The Rated R Superstar, who he believes is responsible for the incidents involving Jeff’s “accidents.” Edge bolts out of the arena, and Matt doesn’t take long to go after him as SmackDown goes to break.

As SmackDown returns, Shelton Benjamin is in the ring awaiting his opponent for tonight…but did that Tombstone knock out some brain cells in the process as we find out who he’s facing tonight?

First Bout: Shelton Benjamin vs. The Undertaker

Benjamin tries to go on the attack early, but the Deadman gets control early. As Shelton tries to get some momentum, he gets caught with a big boot and then gets rammed shoulder first into the turnbuckle. After Old School is blocked, Undertaker goes back on the assault again, but a miscue on the corner boot sends Taker to the outside.

Shelton gets control following the miscue and continues the pressure on his opponent with a modified sleeper hold. But Undertaker breaks the submission with a back suplex. As the two regain their composure, the slugfest begins, a battle that the Deadman usually wins. Following Snake Eyes and a big boot, Taker lands the leg drop, but only gets a two count. The Phenom goes for Old School once more, but Benjamin blocks it again and lands the Superplex.

Benjamin counters the choke slam into a DDT, but somehow The Undertaker kicks out. Benjamin prepares to land Paydirt, but lands the Dragon Whip instead…and again, The Deadman kicks out. As Benjamin argues with the ref, Undertaker applies Hell’s Gates (aka Death Valley Sleeper) to pick up the submission victory over the United States Champion.

Back on SD, Chavo Guerrero is in the ring to answer the “Gopher” chants from Triple H and the SmackDown audience.

Second Bout: Chavo Guerrero vs. The Great Khali

Chavo tries to chop down the seven footer, but gets dropped quickly with the Khali Chop followed by The Punjabi Plunge. If he is a gopher, Chavo better “gopher” help as soon as he can get the feeling back in his body.

In the back, Edge is informed by his wife that he will fight Matt Hardy tonight in a No-DQ match. He then asks Vickie if she believes him or not about these actions concerning Jeff Hardy. In an interesting turn, she’s got two words for Edge: Man-Up!

Quick Bonus: Voices: WWE The Music, Volume 9 will be in stores next week! Go out and get it!

Back on SmackDown, the SD Kingdom sees the return of the Divas Champion, Maryse!

Third Bout: The Bella Twins vs. Michelle McCool & Natalya

Michelle continues her new side while punishing one of the Bella Twins. But as McCool poses, Maria returns and assaults the former Divas Champion. But thanks to Natalya, McCool gets control back.

Intermission: JR’s Interview with Jeff Hardy

As the interview begins, we are forced to relive the heinous moments at the closing of last week’s SmackDown. Hardy makes it clear that last week’s accident, and the hit and run as well as the hotel incident were no accidents. He knows that it is indeed Edge that is the cause of these incidents. He then leaves Edge with this to ponder: “There is a saying that goes ‘There’s nothing to fear but fear itself.’ Well, Edge, I’m not afraid…Are you?”

Fourth Bout: Edge vs. Matt Hardy (No Disqualification Match)

Both men battle back and forth in a huge slugfest. But Hardy shows no pity and no mercy both inside and outside the ring. The two men duke it out on the outside, but Hardy tosses Edge back in the ring…with a few toys on top of that. Hardy brings in a trash can, but Edge uses a drop toe hold to get the can and drive it into Matt’s skull.

After delivering a trash can lid to an already prone Hardy, Edge continues the punishment with a series of shots. He then goes outside to grab a kendo stick, only to have Hardy snatch it and use it on the back of Hardy. Edge misses the “Conchairto,” and Hardy gets control back in the match. As the match continues, Matt Hardy gets ambushed by Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. This allows Edge to deliver the Spear and pick up the victory.

FYI: If you get a chance this weekend, go out and see The Wrestler, starring Mickey Rourke. It is truly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen. And also, don’t forget to go out and pick up Behind Enemy Lines: Colombia starring Mr. Kennedy (KENNEDY!).

Fifth Bout: The Dirt Sheet (WTC) vs. The Colons (WWETC)

Both Tag Championship teams give it their all heading into the Royal Rumble. But after a Backstabber, Carlito gets caught with a roll up by The Miz to win the match for The Dirt Sheet. But how long can The Shaman of Stupidity and The Guy Magnet continue their role? Will they make it past The Rumble with one of them eyeing a Wrestlemania Main Event?

Intermission: The Anarchy Known as Randy Orton and The Result of his actions

As SD returns, we relive the final moments of RAW this past Monday involving Chris Jericho, Randy Orton and The McMahons. Back live, we get the rundown of the card for this Sunday’s WWE Royal Rumble.

Main Event: Triple H vs. Vladimir Kozlov & The Big Show (Guerrero Screw Job)

Vickie continued her devious ways this past week as she made the main event for Triple H a Handicap Match. So I’m not going to bother making a full recap of this match. Let’s put this nicely: Triple H tried to fight two large men. But he got bum rushed by The Cougar, the Fat Man and The Down Syndrome Russian. With that said, I hope that Triple H drops her on her big fat ass when Sunday is over.

That’s SmackDown for this week! See you Sunday in Detroit!