What Now, Pacquiao? Why The Hatton-Pacquiao Fight Will Still Happen

Bill CodyCorrespondent IIIJanuary 24, 2009

When word that negotiations for a Manny Pacquiao-Ricky Hatton fight collapsed earlier this week, fight fans all over the world were disappointed.

The word now is that Bob Arum is flying to the Philippines tomorrow in an effort to save the Pacquiao-Hatton fight and convinced Freddy Roach to go along with him. So there still is a good chance the Mexecutioner will get it on with the pride of Man City in May.

Personally I think both sides are to blame here, but I really can’t understand how Hatton and Golden Boy Productions can walk away from this fight.

Hatton and Golden Boy like to bring up the difference in the money Hatton brings to the table from English fight fans versus the money Pacquiao can bring in over in the Philippines.

But does Golden Boy really think anyone outside of England cares if Hatton fights anyone other than the Pac-Man?

The two fights they mentioned as alternatives are Hatton-Marquez and Hatton-Mayweather.

The Marquez fight is intriguing and both fighters are repped by Golden Boy so it could be made, but that’s strictly a fight fan’s fight so it wouldn’t make anywhere near the amount of dough a Hatton-Pacquiao matchup can make.

More importantly, what would they be fighting for?

A chance to fight Pacquiao? That makes sense for Marquez who desperately wants to fight Pacquiao a third time and sees his time running out if Manny fights Hatton and then Mayweather.

What does it get Hatton?

If he loses it could be the end of the line as an elite fighter, and if he wins its back to negotiating with the only man who can really help him rebuild his legacy after getting dominated by Mayweather.

As far as Golden Boy’s claim that they can make a second Mayweather-Hatton fight? Give me a break!

I don’t hear any fans clamoring for Hatton to get roughed up by Floyd again. Hatton didn’t have the speed to stay with Floyd the first time and he didn’t look any quicker getting his face rearranged by journeyman Juan Lazcano or in his late KO of Paul Malignaggi.

I sure don’t think Mayweather is interested in fighting Hatton a second time. Golden Boy can try to use that as a bargaining chip but its like day-old fish, no one’s buying it.

If Mayweather didn’t feel the need to fight Oscar a second time, he certainly isn’t going to come out of retirement for a rematch with Hatton. Mayweather loves a challenge and the challenge everyone wants right now is the Pac-Man.

It makes sense for Manny as well. As much as fans would love to see a third Marquez-Pacquiao fight what would it get Manny?

Another tough twelve rounds against a man he’s already beaten. A possible loss that would hurt his chances of fighting Mayweather later this year.

Which is even more reason for him not to face a tough challenger like Nate Campbell or Joan Guzman at this time.

Manny likes to stay active, but every fight takes a toll on a fighter and with Mayweather out there already training Manny has no reason to take fight like that.

In fact the only reason for Manny to fight Hatton is to make a possible showdown with Mayweather in the fall an even bigger fight than it would be right now.

That is why I think the Hatton-Pacquiao fight will still happen.

When everyone wants to take a whirl with the Homecoming Queen you better say yes when she asks you to dance.