Is WWE Planning A Kelly Kelly/ Natalya Brand Switch?

Christi LottCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2009

Rumors have recently been circulating that RAW Diva Kelly Kelly and Smackdown Diva Natalya will be switching brands. I for one am all for it. Here's why:

As I said in a recent article, I believe Natalya would be served heading over to RAW. I predicted it could happen at the Draft, but with the recent unannounced switch of Katie Lea to ECW, I see it happening sooner rather than later.

Natalya to me is the odd one out on Smackdown. While Victoria was there they were a great duo of long-time trained Divas with great pedigrees. Now that Victoria has retired, Natalya is the only one on the SD roster with a trained and cultivated wrestling background.

It seems that SD is more for the girls that are a bit more sizzle than steak. The Bella Twins have an interesting gimmick, but have become completely bland, Maria is a flailing around popular face, Maryse is the smoking hot new champ, and Michelle has turned into a crazy heel.

Natalya has nothing going on and hasn't been used in a match in some time. Although Natalya is beautiful, she doesn't fit in with the rest of the SD girls.

A brand switch to RAW would rejuvenate the short career she's had so far. For one, She fits in with the looks of the RAW heels in Beth Phoenix and Jillian. The RAW roster would now be a bit more even and her presence would give all the faces a fresh new opponent that's desperately needed now that Katie is no longer a part of it.

Being the only generational Diva in the WWE, she could give Randy Orton's Legacy group a breath of fresh air also, and give it an interesting dynamic. She is extremely capable of putting on quality matches, and would pull out the best in all of the Divas on the RAW roster.

Kelly Kelly going to Smackdown is also a good decision. For a while, I believed either Candice or Mickie should go simply because they were becoming stale, but I now believe the still green Kelly would be best served on the show.

With Maria's recent failings as a capable contender for the Diva's title, Kelly would be able to grow her skills and develop into a top face behind a soon to debut Gail Kim. She, unlike Maria, has some solid wrestling skills to back up her popularity and would be a good opponent in making Michelle and Maryse look strong.

Like Natalya, Kelly for me is kind of the odd one out in the cultivated and seasoned Divas locker room on RAW. With the exception of Jillian, all of them are former champions and all including Jillian have been wrestling for many years.

SmackDown! seems to be the show for the girls who have been wrestling for a few years but aren't quite ready for a big league run at the women's title, and I think Kelly would be best served to be on the show.

Kelly has shown herself to be entertaining in the ring and out and would get the TV time to do so. RAW has become the Melina/Beth show right now. Mickie will always be the top Diva and most popular of the show. A move to Smackdown would give Kelly the time to develop a character and show her natural bubbly personality and create some good storylines with the heels of the show.

While it's nothing more than a rumor now, the move could prove to be one of the WWE's best ideas and show some real interest in developing their Divas roster. More importantly, it would show them caring about the girls and their success on an individual basis, and using them to the best of their abilities.