TNA iMPACT! Slamback: Armageddon on the Horizon

Ron JohnsonSenior Writer IJanuary 24, 2009

No need for introductions. The actions of Thursday night's IMPACT will provide enough answers. Here's the recap of TNA IMPACT!

After a week where we saw several returns of Front Line members, the time has come for the Mafia to decide if they’ll accept the challenge. But first, it’s time for the X Division Fatal Four Way Match.


First Bout: Fatal Four Way for the X Division Championship

Sonjay Dutt vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

As the four men battle it out, Booker’s wife, Sharmell comes down for a closer look…at referee Shane Sewell. Shelley gets the roll up to pick up the win and retain the X Division Championship. After the bout, Sharmell demands that Sewell goes to Booker’s locker room.

Back on IMPACT, Booker gives Shane a pass from the fighting that could happen. Sewell is giving an offer that he might refuse: Leave it as Petey Williams, Booker T and Scott Steiner in the ring in the end…and he might have a place in the Mafia.

Speaking of The Mafia, Kurt Angle, Sting & Steiner come down to answer the challenges of Team 3D. With Team 3D over in Japan, and Mick Foley in Europe, The Mafia are expecting to get some vengeance on Petey Williams and AJ Styles. Angle claims that AJ Styles will be put through a table…and then he will be put out permanently.

As Angle makes it clear that they will not face Team 3D, Jim Cornette comes out and makes the match even more interesting: Brother Ray vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brother Devon in a Fatal Four Way for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Against All Odds. Cornette promises that there could be a death in the Family at Against All Odds.

In the back, Petey Williams says that this match tonight against Steiner and Booker personal. He then tells him to worry about tonight. Also, the new IWGP World Tag Team Champions, Team 3D appear live from Japan and are informed of the blockbuster announcement from TNA Management about the main event set at Against All Odds.

Back on the show, the Mafia are preparing for the Elimination Match. As far as Sting goes, it’s all about respect in his eyes. As three of the Mafia members leave, we get another look at Sojourner Bolt in TNA Rough Cut.


Second Bout: Sojourner Bolt vs. ODB

Bolt wastes no time in getting an advantage by attacking her before the bell even rings. Bolt continues the pressure with a quick snap mare and furious dropkick. She then goes up top and tries to land the splash, but ODB shifts over and gets control of the match. Even holding the leg, ODB gets the advantage, but the Awesome Kong and the Kongtourage come down and level her. But thanks to Roxxi and Taylor Wilde, the onslaught ends.

In the back, The “Gov” is getting interviewed when The Beautiful People come in and attack her for her part in the ruse that left them “mucked” over. But the assault is over when Kip comes down, takes out the security and leads Angelina and Velvet away.


Third Bout: Booker T & Scott Steiner vs. Petey Williams & Eric Young

The Mafia is keeping Eric Young at bay and keeping him from tagging in Maple Leaf Muscle. As they keep things going in their favor, Young gets a little redemption, but it doesn’t last long as thanks to Steiner’s interference, Booker lands the Axe Kick to get the pinfall and eliminate Eric Young from the match. Unfortunately for Petey, the match looks to be taking a turn for the worse.

As Steiner continues to show off, Petey rebounds and gets some offense going and starts to get some payback on his former mentor. As Steiner comes back into the ring, he decides to tag in Booker instead. Booker comes in with a series of knees, but Petey recovers and lands a huge dropkick before getting dropped with the spine buster. Now both Booker and Steiner start toying with Williams, but MLM starts fighting back and lands a Tornado DDT. As Petey prepares to land the Canadian Destroyer, Booker comes in and lands a super kick. Steiner and Booker both refuse to get the pinfall, but after a third Axe kick, Booker finally gets the victory. Unfortunately, Sewell doesn’t like the tactics, and Booker shows his appreciation by slapping Sewell. Sewell snaps and levels him until Steiner comes in and gets some shots in. Booker snaps as well and jumps on Sewell after the match.

As IMPACT returns, they take a look at the history of The Monstrous Blueprint and the destructive finish of last week’s IMPACT. Both men come down to the ring showing a different side than last week. Matt Morgan comes out and apologizes for the actions over the past few weeks.


Fourth Bout: The Monstrous Blueprint vs. Beer Money (First Blood Match)

The MBP goes on the assault early as Morgan takes Storm, and Abyss and Roode go at it outside the ring. The four men battle all around the IMPACT Zone. Abyss dodges a chair shot and puts Roode’s head squarely in between the chair. On the other side, Morgan is nailing a series of elbows on James Storm. As he goes for the Fall Away, Morgan gets dropped with the gold while Abyss choke slams Storm. Beer Money doubleteams Abyss and prepare to take him down, but Morgan jumps in and grabs the chair from BMI.

But in a shocking twist, Morgan turns around and nails Abyss with the chair to give Beer Money the victory. As BMI celebrate, Morgan continues decimating his former partner with punches and chair shots. I smell a vicious match between these two men on the horizon at Against All Odds as well as the return of the old Abyss.

In the back, Abyss has officially snapped and looks for revenge. Also, TNA takes a look back at the history between AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. Angle blames Styles for everything bad that’s happened to him, and promises to end Styles’ career tonight.


Main Event: Kurt Angle vs. AJ Styles (Tables Match)

Angle and Styles wrestle in the ring, but Styles gets control outside with a flying forearm to a staggered Angle. As Styles sets up a table, Angle sprints back into the ring. Both men slug it out in the ring, but it is Angle who gets control with a quick Belly-To-Belly.

As Angle tries to end the match, AJ recovers and lands an atomic drop on the table. As both men stagger back to their feet, the slugfest continues between the two. Styles gets control once more with another flying forearm. Styles sets up the table, but Angle recovers and applies The Ankle Lock. Styles fights out of the submission and lands the Pele. But Angle recovers, dodges the forearm and sends Styles through the table to get the win.

After the bell, Angle continues the assault on Styles. Angle stomps a chair on Styles and then locks in the Ankle Lock. He then walks out to the announcers table, grabs a microphone and says that starting next week, the end of TNA begins.