Maria Kanellis Just Doesn't Belong In the Ring

Christi LottCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2009

After watching last night's edition of SmackDown! I came to one clear and precise realization: Maria needs to go...somewhere.

Now, let's get this straight, I like Maria. She's beautiful, managed to pull off a dumb girl gimmick with the most absolute perfection, and has managed to maintain a four-year career in the WWE. She definitely fits the WWE mold quite well.

Where she doesn't however is managing to pull off a real match of any kind. Quite frankly, anything that involves her being physical that doesn't require bras, panties, bikinis or costumes, comes off as someone who truly has no clue what they're doing, and it happens every week.

I use last night's "catfight" as evidence. While it was good storyline progress with Michelle McCool, more people seem to have etched in the memory the flailing Maria calls offense. She barely hit Michelle, who in her own fault sold nothing of it and made it look even weaker. But I don't blame Michelle for not selling it; would you?

In looking back at some of the Diva matches on SmackDown! in the past few months, many have been described as not good or a waste of TV time. The common theme: Maria.

From matches with Victoria and Natalya to the Divas title match against former champ McCool to the No. 1 contender match against current champ Maryse, each came off as a bit sloppy, weak offense, and even weaker finishes.

Last night's catfight might've been the weakest and worst in memory. One of the simplest aspects to women's wrestling not done right. Something's wrong there.

I give credit where credit is due. Maria did get into training and worked hard to become a wrestler while she's been with the WWE. So did Candice Michelle, Kelly Kelly and Michelle McCool. The four of them were all very green in their first introductions to the wrestling ring.

Where the other three have succeeded is in actually having good or capable matches.

Candice is a former Women's Champion and during that time managed to have some strong showings against the likes of Melina and Beth Phoenix. Kelly Kelly is very recent time has emerged as a shining star seemingly being cultivated to be the next Trish, and has used her athleticism to entertain fans and show off some good skills.

McCool, the first and former Diva's Champion is the best wrestler of the group and is without a doubt the top Diva on her show, and can also put on some very good matches with the likes of Victoria and Natalya, and even carried a few good matches with Maryse.

Maria is the odd one out. I don't think she needs to be future endeavored. But a move for a little while to FCW to get time specifically devoted to training is something she obviously needs. Maria has attempted to do what some of the other Divas have done once they get into a good spot: get a little lazy. Unfortunately for Maria, she can't afford to do that.

It's an old story of people trying so hard at something and just never succeeding, and I think wrestling is the something for Maria. The best role she's ever had is as an interviewer who, when she opened her mouth made Forrest Gump look like Einstein. 

A lot of the Divas have managed to prove that wrestling is something they're good at and can manage to pull off while having other roles in the company. Maria is not one of them.