Heres The Real Reason Why Mark Hughes MUST Be Given Time

True BlueCorrespondent IJanuary 24, 2009

I have been in several conversations with football fans recently  and its is pretty well universally accepted that a club can only be successful if it has a stable management and coaching set-up.

Teams that win things stick by their managers, simple as that.

I thought it might be of interest to match my team, Manchester City and it’s achievements with our local neighbours United. Of course i knew it would be ‘slightly’ weighted in the Reds’ favour but it shows how far we have to travel as a club and why this might  just be the very time to stick with our current manager.

The lists below are for major honours, League 1/Prem plus National Cups or European Honours.


Manchester United       

Managers                                                          21

Honours Winning Managers                                    6

Non- Honours Winning Managers                           15

Total Honours                                                    54

Average Trophies won per manager                      2.57


Manchester City              

Managers                                                         47          

Honours Winning Managers                                   5

Non- Honours Winning Managers                           42

Total Honours                                                    9

Average Honours won per manager               

Arsenal                             1.12                       

Aston Villa                         0.88

Liverpool                           2.88

Everton                            0.96

Spurs                               0.62


I am a lifelong and dedicated Manchester City supporter who is yet to see a trophy lifted in my adult life.

So please dont start shouting at me about how great City are or how biased this piece is because I am NOT in denial about who City are, or what the clubs history is.

The facts dont lie, but they do show that when a club with money sticks with the right manager it reaps massive benefits.

City are of course wealthy, they have a fantastic owner and chairman, the countries best academy, a great stadium and maybe, just maybe a manager to stand by.