Royal Rumble: The 7 Remaining Spots

Mike AdamouContributor IJanuary 24, 2009

The 22nd annual Royal Rumble kicks off this Sunday and since everyone else is writing about it I thought I would throw my feelings into the mix.

This years rumble has a great lineup, Taker, HHH, Big Show, Kane, Orton, Jericho, Punk, Mysterio, and you can bet the seven remaining slots will have some surprises.

It also has the potential to have some very interesting showdowns ie. Undertaker vs Boogeyman? Undertaker vs Kane? Khali vs Big Show?

I have decided to write an article that noone else has thought of or attempted to do yet, predict who the last remaining seven spots will go to...there are more than seven listed here, but I thought i'd add some room for error, here goes:

1. Batista

Yes he's injured, but so was Cena last year, will WWE do the same thing two years straight? I doubt it, but the possibility is still there. The two main reasons why is that Cena was ruled out longer than Batista last year, and he made his comeback at the rumble. The other is Randy Orton is now in a big storyline with the McMahons...does this reopen the possibilty of the original plans for having a Cena vs Batista match at Mania?

2. Charlie Hass

WWE could have some major fun with Hass in the rumble, he could do a Mick Foley style entry and come out as multiple wrestlers after his continous eliminations: Hass Hogan, Bret Hass, Stone Cold Steve Hasstin, etc...could be funny to see!

3. Goldust

WWE seem to like using Goldust in the rumble, and given his run in with Codey Rhodes this week on Raw I think you may see something between these two at the rumble.

4. Hacksaw Jim Duggen

A bit of a waste of an entry, but I wouldn't be surprised to see the original Rumble winner enter in there just for nostalgic reasons.

5 and 6. Manu and Sim Snuka

I can see these two entering before any legacy members and having a showdown perhaps halfway into the rumble. Things could get interesting, perhaps they will all take each other out and leave Randy in there on his own?

7. Vince McMahon

Could you imagine it, Vince enters the rumble and eliminates Randy that would be unique and surprising.

8. Shawn Michaels

The rumours will always exist that Michaels will be used in the rumble, and if he wins it JBL would buy his title shot off of him...hopefully not though.

9. Ezekiel Jackson

This guy is a beast, I'd love to see him dominate in his first rumble match.

10. Mr Kennedy

He's supposed to be ready for ring action soon, I wouldn't be surprised if he started a storyline with MVP in this year's rumble.

11. Umaga

Out of everyone listed above this guy probably is a certain lock, the promos have been airing for weeks, I expect Umaga to return in the rumble.

12. The Boogeyman

He's been picking up wins on ECW for a few weeks now, I expect his momentum to continue and he enter the rumble. I personally hope to see it, especially a run in with The Undertaker, that would be a "Rumble Moment" to remember!

13. Tommy Dreamer

He's in a retirement storyline at the moment, he says he has to become ECW champion, here's his chance to get a shot at the ECW title, although almost impossible imagine if he won it and actually chose a shot at the ECW title? That would be interesting as its never been done before, and as we have seen in recent years WWE would not have to have it the last match at Mania 25.

14. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

Some people will complain to me about this choice, quite frankly I dont care. Who can deny that Austin coming out at No. 30 and clearing the ring with stunners left and right wouldn't be amazing sight to see. The rattlesnake goes to Mania and defeats Cena for the title to truely and finally close his wrestling career. Would be amazing for me!

That will do for me, although theres some other good choices (Cryme Tyme, Ricky Ortiz, Christian, etc..) I will leave it at this, oviously I picked 14 and there's only seven spots, but I'm confident I'll get a few right.

Hope you enjoyed my first article and I hope to post some more in the run up to Wrestlemania 25 (of which I will be attending in person).

take care