Thank You Detroit Lions! Lions Hire Scott Linehan As Offensive Coordinator

Scott RiegerAnalyst IJanuary 23, 2009

Well the Detroit Lions are certainly winning me over with their recent decisions.

I was happy with the Jim Schwartz hire because they got one of, if not the top coordinator candidate available to coach the team.

Then, even though I wasn't immediately onboard with the selection of Gunther Cunningham as DC, I warmed up to it after taking time to understand the logic behind the choice and researching his experience.

I wrote an article asking whether the Lions would hire Scott Linehan to run the offense and it was with a hopeful hand that I wrote it.

Thankfully, they did make that move and I believe we will be a lot better for it.

The last time Scott Linehan ran one of the top NFL offenses, he had a monster at QB in Daunte Culpepper, the most dangerous receiver in the league in Randy Moss, and a very capable offensive line.

Fast-forward to the job he just accepted. He has a monster at QB in Daunte Culpepper, arguably the most dangerous receiver in the league and a horrible offensive line.

By that logic, all he needs to do is strengthen that O-Line through free agency and the draft and the Lions could realistically field one of the NFL's better offenses next season.

This move may prove to do just that, but what it certainly does do is ensure that Culpepper will be back and that the Lions will not be selecting a QB at No. 1.  I am so pleased by that fact because I was steadfastly against that premise to begin with.

There is not a franchise QB available in the draft, and I am confident in Culpepper's ability to perform if adequately protected.

I am so excited by this move and am starting to drink the Mayhew-Lewand Kool-Aid.

The moves they have made, starting with the trade of Roy Williams to Dallas have been awesome so far.

Keep it up, fellas.