MLB Trade Rumors: 13 Players Who Could Be Dealt Before the All-Star Game

Dan Tylicki@DanTylickiAnalyst IApril 18, 2012

MLB Trade Rumors: 13 Players Who Could Be Dealt Before the All-Star Game

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    We are only half a month into the 2012 MLB season, but there are naturally going to be teams looking to make deals already. After all, there's nearly always a flurry of trade deadline deals.

    This is not, however, a look at potential deadline deals. This is a look at players who may be removed from their teams, for whatever reason, sooner rather than later.

    Here are 13 players who could be on the move even before the All-Star game.

Adam Jones

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    Adam Jones is a name that pops up once in a while for trade rumors, and it's easy to see why. He's a good hitter on a bad team, and those types of players are often in the mix for contenders.

    Steve Melewski of MASN Sports notes that if Jones still hasn't been extended, then a trade makes sense since he's a guy who can bring in good prospects to an ailing farm system. Besides, he's a guy whose contract you want to extend early before his value becomes even greater.

Jair Jurrjens

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    Jair Jurrjens was in the trade market this past offseason big time, though the rumors have since petered out. Why is that? There's one reason for that, and it has nothing to do with Jurrjens.

    Currently, Tim Hudson is injured and won't be back for a while. Once he's back, he'll need to be placed into the rotation again, knocking out a current starter.

    When that happens, the trade market will pop back up, and Jurrjens will likely be traded swiftly.

Bobby Abreu

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    We know that Bobby Abreu is on the trading block since the Angels and Indians were in trade talks and came close to making a deal involving Abreu.

    With Albert Pujols, Mark Trumbo and Kendrys Morales providing the power, there's really nowhere to put Abreu full-time, so I'd be shocked if he's still around by the All-Star game.

John Lannan

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    With the Washington Nationals' pitching staff suddenly in far better shape than it's ever been, John Lannan has been expendable. In fact, he's in the minors despite a solid 2011 season, meaning that teams are calling about him.

    Lannan has already expressed his interest in being traded, and since there's plenty of teams that could use pitching depth, such as the Boston Red Sox, I don't see him stuck in Washington's farm system long.

Brett Myers

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    I still don't entirely understand the reasoning for converting Myers to a closer, but so far he has two saves and the move seems harmless. Besides, GM Jeff Luhnow said that they aren't in trade talks with anyone.

    Why do I see him as a future deal, then?

    The lack of any movement this past offseason tells me that Myers isn't going to be a deadline deal, but should a team end up with a big closing problem like Cincinnati had after Ryan Madson went down, I could easily see a team trading for him, and it wouldn't wait until the deadline to do it.

Coco Crisp

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    This is a trade rumor whose chances of happening I'm a bit skeptical about, but the idea is certainly an interesting one now that the Boston Red Sox's outfield is as diminished as it is.

    The idea of Coco Crisp returning to Boston has been tossed out there, and it's a possibility since Oakland's far from averse from trading. Still, the A's have given plenty to the Red Sox already, so I'm not sure how feasible this is.

Marlon Byrd

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    Like Coco Crisp, Marlon Byrd has been one of those players tossed around as a potential Boston Red Sox pickup. Unlike Crisp, this one makes a lot of sense.

    Byrd is in the last year of his contract with the rebuilding Cubs, and they would be entirely fine plugging a prospect into that center field position. Besides, I'm sure Theo Epstein would be all right working with the Red Sox.

    There's also talk of a Byrd-Lannan trade, which seems to fit for both teams.

Mark Reynolds

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    Mark Reynolds is a player without a defined position for the Orioles. He hits and acts like a first baseman but currently plays at third base, where he's an awful defender.

    The Orioles are shopping him, and if any teams are struggling offensively and looking for someone who can hit home runs and do little else, then Reynolds is the guy.

    The only thing keeping a trade from happening would likely be if any teams are actually interested.

Freddy Garcia

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    There's no question that the Yankees have a logjam at starting pitcher, and while it seems fine now, the return of Michael Pineda will mean someone has to be removed.

    That pitcher could be Freddy Garcia.

    He's on a one-year deal and can decline any trade until June. If he's being moved to the bullpen in New York, though, I'm sure he'll be entirely fine with a trade. Depending on how he performs, the Yankees may actually be able to get a bit of value for him.

Phil Hughes

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    If the Yankees decide to keep Freddy Garcia when everything's all said and done, then the other possibility to be the odd man out is Phil Hughes, a pitcher with whom patience in the front office has probably run thin.

    Hughes has had bullpen success in the past, so he actually could fit there, but if the Yankees feel they could get something, then there's a possibility.

    No major outlets or reporters are noting this yet, but I have to think the Yankees have at least given it thought, even if it's just to say he's in the bullpen if he struggles and won't be traded.

John Danks

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    While a couple of the players earlier involve a bit of speculation, I try to keep to reporting what I'm finding. Besides, I'd never consider John Danks actually on the trade block after a big extension, as it sounds stupid.

    That being said, apparently he is available. If a team's willing to take the right kind of money and ship over the right prospects, then it looks like it can have a long-term piece in Danks.

Gavin Floyd

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    Like John Danks and likely a good number of White Sox players, Gavin Floyd is on the trading block and has been for quite some time. Unlike Danks, this one makes a lot of sense.

    Floyd is a solid option who can provide depth to a rotation without commanding too much money. Plus, he's in a contract year, so you can get him for a short time if you're a contender.

Joe Blanton

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    Joe Blanton's name is one that has often been popping up in trade rumors. Let's face it—he's the sixth-best starting pitcher on that Philadelphia Phillies roster.

    With the injuries to Philadelphia's lineup, if the Phillies think that Blanton can actually net them someone good in return, then that's a move they are going to make.

    If the trade doesn't happen, it will probably be due to the Phillies being comfortable in him as a fifth starter moving forward, and the jury's currently out on that idea.