MSU Football: Spartan Fans Might Want to Consider Season Tickets for 2012

Tyler DavisContributor IIIApril 17, 2012

MSU Football: Spartan Fans Might Want to Consider Season Tickets for 2012

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    Michigan State has been turning some heads in the college football world lately, all thanks coach Mark Dantonio, his staff and his past and current players. After the past two seasons, the demand to attend Spartan Stadium has increased dramatically.

    Michigan State associate athletics director Paul Schager and staff have been receiving multiple season-ticket requests, reaching over 2000 orders before April. At this rate, the athletic department is predicting the program to receive the most season ticket orders in program history. So why are these season tickets selling so rapidly?

    Here are key reasons why a Michigan State fan should purchase season tickets for the 2012 football season, just like many have already.

The Schedule

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    The 2012 schedule for Michigan State is loaded with tough matchups that you won't want to miss live, especially the home games. The very first game will be played under the lights on a Friday before Labor Day weekend, just like last season against Youngstown State.

    Aside from Notre Dame, the home games consist of teams that have not been to Spartan Stadium in two years or more. Some have never set foot in the stadium. With most of these teams returning to Spartan Stadium or coming for the first time, they will bring a new test to MSU's two-season undefeated home record, making season tickets worth every penny.

Ticket Price

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    There are two main versions of tickets you can purchase, single-game and season. With MSU season tickets becoming more popular, the single-game tickets are becoming more difficult or potentially impossible to purchase.

    Athletic director Mark Hollis claims he would like to see Spartan Stadium filled completely with season ticket holders only, giving the athletic department the option of eliminating single-game tickets entirely.

    All of this may be bad news to fans that casually go to a game or two, but this is bound to happen when the team succeeds and more fans want to attend the games than usual. If the team keeps winning, the demand becomes greater, causing single-game ticket prices to rise, as well as scalpers and sellers raising their trade standards.

    Season tickets for Spartan fund public donors are $308 plus a program donation ($50 to $600) in order to reserve your seats. This amount sounds large, but honestly that's not too bad considering the home games this season on MSU's schedule.

    It might just be worth biting the bullet and attending all of the home games rather than taking a chance at scalping or spending a ridiculous amount of money for each home game separately. If you wish to attend only one home game, you have nothing to worry about, but don't expect a cheap ticket this year.

Stadium Upgrades

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    Last year Michigan State installed new turf grass for their football field after hosting a "U2 360 Tour" concert in June 2011. The midfield logo has switched from the block "S" to the original Michigan State Spartan helmet. Construction was also added to the concession areas and restrooms.

    For 2012, MSU will be taking a large leap into the more modernized technology era for football stadiums. The MSU Board of Trustees agreed to install new scoreboard systems with the latest video and sound quality created today.

    The south end zone will be featuring a significantly larger scoreboard than the current one in the stadium, while the north end zone will have two smaller scoreboards installed along with a fascia video panel (a video display strip). 

    These upgrades should greatly increase the value of Spartan football game days. Since the current scoreboard has been around since 1997, the cost of repair plus requested parts have become too difficult to deal with, making this upgrade a much-needed change to the stadium.

    These fixes will convince fans to attend every game they can, making season tickets more attractive to purchase.


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    Many prefer online ticket orders, while others go right to the ticket office on game day. Both ways are great, but with the rise of season ticket orders, there might be a significant increase in price for both solutions.

    If neither of those ways are possible, most stoop down to scalping. Many fans prefer this option due to the possibility of paying lower than face value, but there are some risks. You could drive all the way to East Lansing, pay for a parking spot, scalp for tickets and end up empty-handed.

    With season tickets, you can enjoy every moment of your experience without worrying about getting inside the stadium. All pregame festivities can be seen; tailgating would be more enjoyable; and most of all you will be guaranteed to see every snap of the football instead of waiting for the tickets to become cheaper after kickoff.

The Experience

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    The past two football seasons for Michigan State have been riddled with big surprises and epic finishes. Michigan State has had multiple instant classics and amazing trick plays in the years of coach Mark Dantonio, and most of them have been performed in Spartan Stadium. 

    It may not be a guarantee, but having season tickets will give you the greatest chance of experiencing all of the once-in-a-lifetime moments. Many have wished to see the "little giants" fake field goal win over Notre Dame under the lights in 2010, while every Spartan fan would have loved to see the "rocket play" catch against Wisconsin on ESPN's College GameDay.

    Even though any team can perform these great moments, the Spartans have really set the tone with home game experience. Being undefeated at home for 14 games with heart-wrenching moments can only make season tickets a must-have.